Fitted cycle clothing…no, I mean fitted.. Slim / taped/ body fit?

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  • Fitted cycle clothing…no, I mean fitted.. Slim / taped/ body fit?
  • elgan

    Is there anyone out there with similar sizes to me that can actually find cycle clothing that fits?

    ofc cheaper the better!

    Italian stuff is just smaller, not necessarily “fitted”

    so far, SOME of Giordana’s kit looks fitted, but I didn’t find any to try on, the measurements on wiggle show it may be a big baggy, but some say its elite fit, some say relaxed for casual riders. I’m casual, but I’m thin!

    My fighting weight: 70kg, that’s 154.324 pounds and 11 stone.

    height: 182cm /5’11 / 6’ft
    Chest: 97cm
    ~hip: 95cm
    waist: 75cm

    Chest: 38 inches
    ~hip: ~36 inches
    waist: 28-29 inches

    Btw for anyone who is outdoorsy and has similar issues with coats and shirts being like a cape. Crux UK do very nice “built shape” jackets.

    silly image of my body shape to help describe (topless warning, back only)


    I’m a bit shorter , 5,7 but 28-29 waist etc
    Have found some of the new specialized stuff very good

    But looks like its only just some of the higher end items that are listed as form fit

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Altura have some better fitted baggie jerseys or are you after “very” xc gear?

    Premier Icon njee20

    Very similar to you, an inch or two shorter. Our latest team kit is by Championship Systems, and their race fit jerseys are very slim fitting! Dunno if they do ‘normal’ jerseys.


    Some manufacturers produce different sized lot for different countries. I think the UK is now lumped in with the US so the kit is all portly. Santini, Giordana, assos etc all make very fitted clothing, as well as stuff they sell in the UK and US.
    I’m currently a bit chubby at 65kg and 5’8″ but Giordana small is a good fit for me.

    Premier Icon stevied

    Sounds stupid but have you tried womens stuff? (for biking gear, not lounge wear 😉 )

    Premier Icon djflexure

    Mavic – their int Large (its UK medium rather than UK large), get it in the sales Evans/ Chain reaction.
    Assos – large (not cheap sorry)

    Premier Icon njee20

    I’d say medium Assos, I’ve got a large jersey and its a little tent like. Medium is a far better fit (with large shorts and tights).


    Nice tat.



    Same size as me. Medium Pearl Izumi Pro is a good fit. Giordana Medium is also OK. My best fitting kit is the club wear in Medium race fit from Champion Systems.


    Medium mavic jerseys up top for me, similar dimensions to you, very good fit.


    Mavic, castelli, santini. Le-col, Rapha.
    And for smart clothing Nicole Farii. for jeans that fit 29in waist with cyclists thighs Edwin Nashville’s though you need to buy from a shop as online they don’t bother stocking the 29.

    +1 for Mavic.
    Sometimes their stuff is even on sale.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    new howies slipstream jersey is very fitted..


    Just got a Decathlon top and it’s much slimmer fitting than your standard mtb fit, probably more of a roadie jersey. The medium fits me spot on, a small mtb top will usually be far too baggy, not really sure who they design these for?!


    I’m a little bit taller, and slightly wider on the hip, but Wiggle’s DHB stuff seems to fit very well – their jackets are pretty slim fitting.


    Kitsbow. Not cheap, though.


    a lot of amazing information, for road, mountain , xc

    thank you all, ill spend some time reviewing each options, without spending a fortune,

    hopefully this thread can be helpful to others.


    I find this post a bit puzzling; you appear to be tall and thinnish, which is what the vast majority of cycling kit is designed to fit. I mean, it’s not like you’re the Elephant Man!

    Try being a squat little git…


    Possibly the gayest thread ever?

    Possibly the most likely to be banned post ever? 😀

    Premier Icon edhornby

    I’m roughly the same height as you but you are a little slimmer than me…. I find the santini stuff and moa a really good fit, try prendas, they are a real shop that sell only clothing, if you speak to them on the phone they are great at getting size


    @crikey : It seems from this thread I’m not the only one with these problems. The problem is shoulder to waist ratio. Actually a lot of people are tubular and not a shaped triangle. This means a lot of clothing is tubular and if worn, is very tight in the shoulders and flaps below like a cape.

    @motozulu …agreed..but I am greatly appreciative of the information and as well for light hearted humour!

    @edhornby ; that site looks great, It seems that many people have sizing issues


    Jeans have been my worst problem
    28-29 waist and a good size leg does not mix well , thank to abovenformthe suggestion

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