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  • flange100

    i remember you lazlo , did you sleep in the cowshed at the end of the long rainy day , at least it was a dry night


    yes I did Flange, that was my worst day, the Doethie valley was desperate in the rain, sodden wet through at the end, knackered, and still p***ing down. The idea of sleeping out in that still sends a shudder through me. But I can’t remember meeting anyone called flange100, so that”s not your given name, give me a clue, whereabouts were you in the shed?


    Daisy Duke did it last year and started as a fit skinny racing snake but still lost a lot of weight!


    Before I did it I was worried at the thought of 7 consecutive days but having done it twice now I would say its easier than you imagine. Most days are around 70KM with so not super long, there is plenty of tarnac and fire road to spin away on and 95% of it is not a race so take your time. Net result is that it is a lot less knackering than a ‘normal’ 100 km enduro that most people ride as fast as poss with as few stops as poss. Lots of the riders are not v fit and the atmosphere is not as racey as say a Gorrick or Thetford.

    Just get the miles in, plenty of 4-6 hour rides and plenty of back to back days. A riding holiday in May or June would be helpful. And fun!

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    There’s a time cutoff on the non-special stages, isn’t there?

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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