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  • Fit and forget components – Whats your favorite?
  • Personally I have had very few components that I have thought lasted a long time, let alone fit and forget.

    However, my personal favorite thus far is Hope Pro 2’s, apart from them being awesome they are taking a hell of a beating without a single touch of maintenance.

    What is everyone else’s experiences with fit and forget components?

    Time ATAC pedals.



    King headset FTW

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Sram gears, Hope hubs, Hope brakes, VPP suspension CB pedals

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Shimano pedals. I have a set still going after 18 years.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Shimano XT breaks.

    Reverb post (which surprised me).

    Tubeless set up (Stans Flow/Spec Perg). Not touched them since putting on.

    sandwicheater – Member
    Shimano XT breaks.

    Well, it’s hardly fit and forget then, is it? 😉


    Marzochhi Marathon S forks,10 years old and still going strong(ish)!


    Charge Spoon
    Ergon grips
    Fizik Bar Tape
    Hope brakes
    High Rollers
    Gp4 seasons
    Most Shimano stuff
    Ortlieb panniers
    Easton carbon
    Fox forks ( I know your not supposed to but they appear to be ok)


    headset spacers

    My dads shimano pedals are still going strong after 20 years even the return spring made of rubber hasn’t disintegrated yet.

    Premier Icon buck53

    Sram X5 shifter/derailleurs – Got them on my first bike, been on 3 different frames, I’ve never touched them except to take them on/off.

    Premier Icon faustus

    XT M755 4-pot brake. 10 years, 3 sets of pads, utterly reliable.


    Shimano XT – All of it!

    I’m convinced that if I mention anything it’ll break on my next ride…


    XT M770 cranks
    Hope Pro 2s
    Hope Tech m4s & floating rotors.

    I’ve left out boring components which rarely fail like stem, bars, saddle, grips.

    The above 3 all ‘just work’ and require as little maintenance as I’d expect, the cranks require zero maintenance, the pro 2 bearings last at least a year (I’ve never bought ‘official’ hope ones, just Jap branded ones) and the Tech m4s get bled once a year and pads changed whenever.


    Shimano Deore XT Thumbshifters with hidden extra 8th click and friction option.

    Best actual material thing in human history – aside from Scarlett Johansson in Her, they’re the only operating system I’ll ever really love.


    Another vote for King headsets.

    Old school Bombers – I have a set of Z1 Anniversary forks and they’re still smooth, easily serviced and the stanchions haven’t worn away. My older Bombers are the same too.

    My Sram stuff has generally been fit and forget.


    Hope hubs too! Have them on all my Mtb wheels

    chiefgrooveguru – Member
    I’m convinced that if I mention anything it’ll break on my next ride…

    What needs replacing or upgrading then? 😉

    Club Roost front hub — still on the original bearings after 8 years.
    Salsa Delgado rim — it’s survived some very sideways landings.

    Eveverything on my bike, its all knackered but Im happy to forget about it. Real answer -Shimano gears


    pretty much everything on my bike, including the frame (five)

    Premier Icon convert

    Shimano XT breaks


    Best thread relevant spelling error for a while!


    Shimano SPD pedals.

    I would like to say Shimano brakes but they are not fit and forget as you have to replace pads and make adjust the leavers as you wear pads down.

    NSB mech hanger.

    Crashed into rocks in Scotland.
    Smashed mech completely, twisted chain, shredded cable, dented frame. Mech hanger still intact! Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but at least I could buy all those bits from bike shops and continue riding! No chance of finding the specific hanger I’d need if it had snapped.

    Premier Icon faustus

    mine are self-adjusting, no levers to fiddle with!


    DT hubs (Hope need servicing every 9 months or so)
    High end Sram mechs
    Shimano cranks & cassettes (but not the BBs)
    NOT King headsets. I’ve fitted them and forgotten them and then when I’ve come to service the forks found that the inner bearing race has corroded itself to the steerer

    make adjust the leavers as you wear pads down.

    Surely if they’ve left you can forget about them.


    OK, I’ll stop now.

    Premier Icon jonathan

    One of these:

    Spent 12 years in a thoroughly used/abused bike until it had to be forcefully removed by a framebuilder as the frame had preey much rusted around it. The bearings were still perfectly smooth when it come out.


    Square taper.


    KS i950 (lever operated)
    Fender Benders
    XT cranks
    Hope x2 brakes
    Fox 36 forks
    Fox RP23 rear shocks
    Thomson stuff


    Shimano M520’s
    SDG Bel Air Saddle

    Never even think about them > therefore they must never give me any trouble > therefore I like them !

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Crossmax SX wheels, the grey rim & white hub versions from 2011.

    Worringly bombproof and reliable.

    Why can’t the French make cars this good?


    Time Z-Control pedals. Only thing on my poorly-maintained Cotic (apart from the frame itself) that hasn’t been damaged by repeated rides through gritty South Downs sludge. 7 years and no bother.

    Unlike my SRAM rear mechs, for example.

    Premier Icon Yak

    shimano square taper cranks and bottom brackets

    FSA orbit extreme pro headset. 9years of use over 2 frames, no maintenance and still going strong.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I fitted an Exage rear hub in I think 1991. I just scrapped it this month as it’s not worth putting a new rim on, feels a wee bit rough (but if the rim hadn’t failed I’d expect a couple more years from it). It’s had a couple of services though and even some new bearings so I didn’t totally forget it for the kabillions of miles it’s done.

    The original BB caused massive problems by lasting so long, by the time it needed changed it had basically fused with the frame.

    maximusmountain – Member

    However, my personal favorite thus far is Hope Pro 2’s, apart from them being awesome they are taking a hell of a beating without a single touch of maintenance.

    My Pro 2s have been the least fit-and-forget wheels I’ve ever owned- most maintenance needed, most replacement parts needed even leaving aside bearings- pawls, axles, seals.


    I had a cane creek 110 headset on a bike. When I bought it my lbs asked the rep how much replacement bearings were? He said the 110 stood for the number of years they are guaranteed for and they have never sold a replacement set to date. No idea if its still true? That was in 2008


    most replacement parts needed even leaving aside bearings- pawls, axles, seals.

    there’s not much left once you’ve replaced those.
    I agree though, they’re not really fit and forget – pawls and freehub bodies are made of cheese.

    I’d like to say ‘my Chris King singlespeed hub’ but that would be a bit of a lie.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    The only part that’s original in the back is the hub shell! But to be fair I replaced the freehub through choice. The other parts were all breakages/worn out, not at all impressive. Still, I like the convertibility and I can’t complain at the price they were- my DTs make them look very bad, in every way other than price, but then I got the whole pro 2 wheelset for about the price of a new rear DT hub so.


    Reverb.. Never touched it and still working after nearly 2 years. I bet it now breaks! 😳

    Premier Icon kcal

    Still have pairs of Marzocci MXC coil forks, despite wrapping them into a tree they’re fine and can’t recall the last time I really checked them over let alone service.

    Shimano 959s pedals. Been used and abused on my main MTB for years – bike’s 1998, pedals were possibly first upgrade after that, say 2000 – 14 years of just working, still smooth running. Worthy upgrade from 520s I ‘d say.

    Premier Icon richmtb

    Shimano SPDs.

    I’ve got a set of 959’s that have been on every bike i’ve owned.

    They now look pretty ratty, pitted and a bit rusty, but they still engage and release perfectly and the bearings still spin smoothly. Never been rebuilt.

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