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  • mrben100

    I go to the gym Monday/Wednesday/Friday nights, but the other half has arranged for us to go out for a chinese with her friend tonight meaning I’ll have to go to the gym tomorrow morning.

    Buggered my whole weekend up.


    At some point I put the first three letters of my e-mail address in facebook and pressed enter rather that down then enter. now it has saved it and it comes up first so i have to press down twice. this is a classic example of a first world problem but does anyone know how i can amend it because it really is irritating the hell out of me.


    Sometimes I put two slices of bread into my Dualit toaster, but inadvertently leave it on the single slice setting, thereby ending up with one toasted slice and one slice of hot floppy bread.

    PS – OP: point 1) Surely you poke the vent hole in with a biro? Perfect flow rate every time.


    “I’m becoming increasing more angry every time I hear a documentary commentator describing events that have happened in the past in the present tense.”

    – he’s sitting down, he’s watching a documentary, he’s listening to the present tense and he’s getting angry.


    My Bialetti Mokka fell into the washing up bowl and now all the accumulated oils have washed away.

Viewing 5 posts - 81 through 85 (of 85 total)

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