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  • First visit to Italian Lakes – Como or Garda?
  • andrewreay

    As per title…

    Will be visiting Northern Italy by motorhome with our two kids (10 & 8 ) in April.

    Have two days to make the most of a campsite by the water.

    We won’t have bikes, so the option to hire nearby would be great.

    Otherwise, seem to be loads of motorhome friendly sites, so main decision is about the choice of Lake itself.

    Any big advantages / disadvantages of one over the other?

    Weather will be a lottery I know.

    Thoughts, ideas and suggestions welcome.

    Thanks in advance!


    Orta is nicer than both

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Como is my favourite lake, but Inknow nothing about camping options (other than likely to be at the Northern end of the lake).


    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    For no rational reason, have discounted Orta, Iseo (and Geneva), so it’s a brutal Garda v Como showdown.

    Top end of Lake Garda in nice. I was there for the first time earlier this year. The south of the lake was V busy. The sides were nice but not much space. The north had more space so bigger towns and more facilities. Water sports and mountains with accommodation and great food in between.
    Gets my vote

    Premier Icon hatter

    Garda has more ‘going on’

    Como is just so pretty it almost hurts.

    Romantic weekend with the missus: Como

    Keeping kids amused: Garda, Torbole is the hub for MTB there, plenty of hire options in the area.

    Premier Icon Twodogs

    You oughta go to Orta (igmc)

    We did Maggiore, Como and Orta in September, and Como was our least fav, Maggiore was beautiful, but Orta was by far our favourite

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    I love Garda (sailing and water sports meca) and as a consequence have only been to Como very briefly on a day trip. April is pretty early too. So I would say check weather and the activities you think you’ll do – definitely bike hire around Garda and the cable car at Malchesine. My impression of Como was that its more of a general tourist spot rather than a “sporting venue”


    Garda has Gardaland theme park if you and the kids are into that kind of thing.

    I’ve only been to Lake Garda, so can’t comment between it and Como, however, I would say you probably can’t go wrong with either. Although I suspect Garda is a bit more family friendly.


    Desenzano del Garda seemed nice enough on a day trip out from Venice, on the south side of the lake. On the railway line from Venice to Milan


    Cheers all for the input.

    Garda it is.

    Based on the help here, my thoughts are that if it is pouring with rain, then we’ll not be able to see the beauty of Como, and there will be (relatively speaking), sod all to do.

    With Garda, we can at least do something, and if it’s sunny, then I’m sure it is still suitably majestic.


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