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  • deadkenny

    Leku – Member
    Don’t Strava the uplift.

    Too much faff turning the thing on and off each time. I’ve tried and end up forgetting, so just leave it on now.

    Doesn’t piss off any roadies anyway as they’re not riding up the fireroad.

    Unlike at FoD where the bus goes on the road 😀

    Though I find signal gets lost in the bus at times and you get a straight line from pickup to drop off.

    Does mess with your overall stats. My biggest climbs have been uplifts.


    Have a decent breakfast a good hour before you go. By the time for lunch break im always a bit shakey as the blood sugars drop. But don’t over do it at lunch. Chucking up a full burger and chips in side a fullface on a DH run isn’t fun.

    Try to ride as many of the lines as you can. You’ll get comfortable on one track and tend to stay on that all day.

    Premier Icon simon_g

    So does this work better than before in terms of time spent waiting for uplift or not?

    Went on Friday. Didn’t have to wait more than a couple of minutes to get on a bus.

    Seems to keep the buses better spaced out on the hill so you don’t get a big queue then 2-3 buses at once like before.

    – Take a packed lunch and save yourself some money and time queueing at the cafe.
    – Watch out for the steeper lips on the A209 (or whatever it’s called) if you can’t jump good and do other things good too like me.
    – Arm pump is a killer. Watch your braking!
    – The drop into Coal Not Dole is not that bad.

    I/we always take packs. I’ll easily drink 2.5l of water in a day, there’s a good chance of a mechanical and the weather can be very changeable.

    The blues are great fun, the reds have the odd feature that can catch you out, but even the blacks aren’t particularly hard and worth a go (you can roll/miss the really big features).

    If you are straight off the bus, down and straight back in the queue you can get 9/10 runs in, but you’ll be knackered. Faff about too much and you’ll only get half a dozen.

    Terry’s belly and Hotstepper are ace…

    Oh and don’t let any air out of your tyres whilst waiting for the bus 🙄

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Checking into thread as same applies to me. I did a self powered day in Oct 13 (2 1/2 laps) on a HT, back on 10 June for an uplift on my newer 120mm boinger. It sounds like it’s changed quite a bit. I really enjoyed the reds I did back then. I’m not hardcore so will probably skip the blacks.

    I felt like only 29er on the hill back then, bet I will be again.

    Thanks for the tips all, useful.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Further tips: don’t **** yourself 5 minutes into the first run and spend the rest of the riding day in A&E having wound cleaned up. (I’m fine, nothing serious, but bloody annoying all the same). Also the BPW beers are very good, especially Badger Run.

    Premier Icon maxtorque

    Hey Mattjg! What run did you spanner yourself on? we were there on Friday and didn’t hear/see any commotion?

    PS (get well soon! ;-))

    PPS – these days, there are MANY more trail bikes on the trailers than DH ones! Since Trail bikes got good, it seems the vast majority of peeps at BPW ride ’em. Lots of 29ers now too thanks to ENDURO etc

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Thx Max, I’ll be ok. It wasn’t a super big deal, but did wipe out my weekend. Nasty gouge out of shin from pedal or brake lever contact, and a big slam on the hip that’s now a bruise the size of Australia.

    A couple of minutes into Terry’s Belly. Yeah really can you believe it. Grrrrrrr. On a 29er too!

    Premier Icon maxtorque

    I wear those 661 padded liner shorts at BPW, they aren’t going to save you, but they seem to work to reduce bruising etc from minor offs!

    But hey, chicks dig scars eh! 😆

    Premier Icon mattjg

    But hey, chicks dig scars eh!

    Not mine. In the doghouse again.

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