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  • alexxx

    dont think youd go wrong with either – id go giant personally at that budget


    defy Pro 0 (disc, dura ace) at Paul’s Cycles for around that much. Super Six Evo Ultegra for 1500.


    My wife’s got a Synapse 105 and it’s a great bike. It’s not on your list but I”ve got a Scott Solace, and really rate that too.


    Defy is the raciest of your list. I’d go for the carbon wheels, as realistically that is why you want discs on a road bike in the first place. You want a medium.

    Premier Icon Monster101

    Hi folks,

    I’m struggling with choice. I have a £2.5k bike to work voucher and looking to get a road bike for commuting, getting fit and maybe aiming for etap Caledonia or Loch Ness next year.

    5’8″ 82kg and 29inch inside leg

    I’ve got a dilemma. I have set the budget at £2,500.

    Was looking circa £2,200 for the bike and some accessories.

    I have three options: but can get the carbon wheelset upgrade Giant PSLR for £500


    What would you go for. Given that I’m 5’8 and 29inch inside leg I would go for the 51 in the cannondale and 54 in trek after throwing my leg over.

    What do you reckon? Any other bikes I should consider? Overall voucher is £2,500.




    I went for a Defy for my first road bike in 30 years and I love it. I wouldn’t though really call it an ideal commuter. The new Race Blade XLs do work very well on it and it’s less than a minute to take them off or put them on but for a commuter I’d prefer to have mudguard fittings and of course a rack does make commuting more pleasant than using a backpack.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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