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  • First ride on ArchEX/Pro2 Wheels
  • danielgroves

    Well, first up, thanks for the recommendations everyone. First ride on them today, and I absolutely love them. Got myself a couple of Continental Baron’s to go on them as the mud is starting the thicken up on the Moore’s now, and can only wish I’d replaced the high rollers for with them earlier.

    Barons were a piece of piss to inflate on the rims. Instead of Stans rim tape, I just sealed the rims with 3/4 layers of insulation tape and haven’t had any issues. Tyres went up on the track pump, but do make quite a bang at about 30PSI when the bead snaps into place.

    Gave them a good hammering today, really stiff and much easier to hold lines on these than the Mavic Corssride’s they replaced.

    Can’t say I didn’t get them muddy today.

    At the start of the ride, newly installed on the Meta

    For anyone who knows it, this was around the top of Newnham Park, just outside Plymouth. Was riding out with some friends who were racing the Soggy Bottom series to watch for a bit, the roll out on Lee Moor for a ride.
    I’d pulled it most of the way out to what it was at this point, too.

    Premier Icon nuke

    Great…and how were the Flow EX wheels? 😉

    (Still time for a tactical edit)


    Whoops, well spotted. Arch was the other rim I was considering at the time 😛

    May as well own up to the cock-up now, too late to edit 😛

    UST barons or standard?


    Both are standard, the front is black chilli folding and the rear is wire bead normal compound (the rear was a bargain for £15!)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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