First ride of 2017 today. Have you had one yet?…

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  • First ride of 2017 today. Have you had one yet?…
  • Pffffnaar. No giggling at the back!!! Nice, if icy, sunny road ride today around Bassenthwaite. First for 2017.
    So, have you had yours yet, if so where….??

    Premier Icon jam bo

    ride 1:

    ride 2:

    ride 3 tonight.


    Yesterday’s commute, no ice and reasonably pleasent to genuinely nice once through Inverkeithing.

    Debating whether to head out for a chilly XC run tonight, should do really, carrying a lot of lard.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Last night and was my first spin in a couple of months.

    Rode with the a Calderdale mtb club around Hebden. Was cracking and some sloppy stuff that i struggled with but, grins all round by the end when i’d remembered how to ride again.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Three so far this year, two on lovely hard frozen dirt.

    Left my phone at home today so no pics, which is a shame as it was stunning out with the frost, sunlight and a bit of mist.

    Second today. Perfect conditions, crunchy mud and sunshine. Forgot water bottle, snapped the mech cable after four miles, which was a bit limiting.


    Llandegla new years day for us, place was dead as a do-do for a change, only passed 2×2 other people, mind you those large frozen cold puddles weren’t fun!

    Looks great at ‘degla. My old stomping ground with NWMBA before I moved up to Cumbria. πŸ™‚
    I miss the shop cakes πŸ™


    Yeah, corker of a ride round Hebden Bridge on 2nd, then local’ish loop on 3rd.

    Back into the normal swing of things again now, starting with a local loop tonight

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Four* rides, two runs and a Munro.
    Yes I’m smug.
    *Does a shopping trip to tesco and a commute count?


    One everyday so far and a walk up the wrekin with dogs each day!!!!! Going out again in a bit cant wait.

    Premier Icon nach

    Explored some steeper bits of Calderdale last night, and went out for a perfect winter day today. Lee Quarry:

    Solid puddles at Cragg πŸ™‚


    I rode up to the pub (and back) for a few pints on NYD afternoon – does that count?


    No mountain biking in 2017 yet (and not likely to be until I’m next back in Edinburgh) but I’ve done 3 road bike rides so far. Even managed to get SWMBO to come out on one of them (and she even managed to pick up a couple of Strava QOM’s).

    Premier Icon househusband

    Aye, on Monday;

    Premier Icon Bregante

    I started well with a run along Wirral’s coast and out across Thurstaston on New Years morning. Amazing views out towards N.Wales.

    Then on the Monday I nipped out for a few hours on the CX bike on some very icey local lanes and trails.

    Since then I’ve been hit with a massive stinking rotten cold so I’ve done sod all…

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Roadie for me today, blistering sunshine in the Downs. I’ve lost a,lot of bike fitness but who cares, it was a nice ride.

    the cx bike has it’s new road wheels and tyres on (as i’m fed up of cleaning s***e off the bike after every ride) and today was the 1st chance i’ve had to use them… it did not disappoint 8)

    my post festive legs are just ruined now and as the sun went down i was VERY cold… all in all though, great afternoon out and no post ride strip down and clean required!!

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    First ride last night. Gentle 14 mile towpath bashing ending at the pub. Saw a barn owl. On the towpath, not in the pub, obviously.

    Commuter in today. Had to ride the mountain bike. Was hard work crawling home.

    Lovely scoot on SDW from Winchester to QE park, until I broke rear drive (freehub?) on the way back up Butser hill. still a nice ride, walk, scoot, push …


    Premier Icon nach

    Not a usual stop at Lee, but the ice was at that nice pinging thickness πŸ˜€


    Mister P

    I’m 200 road miles into the year already. The only day I haven’t ridden so far in 2017 was the 1st as I had my daughter staying with me.


    3 rides for me so far.
    1 MTB, 1 Road, 1 Turbo.
    Should get another 2 over the weekend.


    Offroad a blast round the trails at the FOD yesterday and a short loop at Cwmcarn this morning πŸ˜€ Also done 3 days commuting but that’s normal so I don’t really count them.

    Love riding at this time of year when it’s cold and not raining. Almost as good as late autumn, my favourite 8)

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