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  • First ride in far too long
  • Got out today for my first ride since at least Nov, maybe even Oct. All I can say, “GOD, I HURT!!”

    Got out of the habit of riding every sunday am due to personal/relationship issues. Then was putting it off as I knew it was gonna hurt and boy was I right. Only did about 35miles on road and it was a complete killer. Never felt so pathetic in my life!!!!

    However, it’s done and need to get out on a regular basis to build back up again. Doing the Castle 100 ride in Kent in May, so need to get some miles in. Used to be able to ride 100 road miles in one hit without any specific training, whereas now I would struggle to do the London to Brighton.

    Who else has let themselves slip to an (in all honesty) unacceptable level of fitness?? I have found that I was kidding myself that I wasn’t that unfit. Now I need to rest!!!

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    same here. not ridden properly since Christmas.

    Managed a few miles mucking about in the snow and a couple of miles on the pompino to the pub. Apart from 6 miles a week commuting in London, nothing. Ive been hit by a nasty snot bug that only cleared last week. So in about 30 mins Im off to have a go at pushing a crank over. This is going to hurt…


    i went down Afan Forest this weekend on the new bike, first time i’d ridden in about 4 months, Christ it hurt. just bought a new hardtail and wondering if it was the correct thing to do, my full sus is so comfy despite being 11 years old


    Me, I went out the other night, 14 miles singletrack, bridleways and a fair bit of me walking very slowly up hills pushing a not so heavy bike! Killed me, but I feel so much better for doing it!


    I’ll be cycling again this week for the first time since Christmas, I have been leaving it becuase the showers have been turned off at work due to legionella. They’ll be off for some time so I’ve been drilling holes in a bucket, tested it the other day, as long as I can get clean in 1’32” I’ll be fine.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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