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  • First post, my new bike!
  • Markie

    Liking the tropicalesque garden!

    Bike looks good too… 😉

    Oh, and welcome, btw!


    Grass could do with a trim, but I guess it grows quickly in the rainforest of Borneo 😉

    Nice bike though. I’ve got the older Altitude version & love mine. Looks old school but can take on bigger full suss bikes if the mood takes you on the down hills. Excellent choice Sir !

    Wheels are the wrong size.
    Dunno what size they are but they’ll be wrong.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    Nice bike! Good effort sir

    Grass was cut last Wednesday 😀
    Maybe I should have taken the pics with a different backdrop 😀
    Garden is my other hobby BTW.

    Yep, wheels are the wrong size, 26″, but I bought the frame last year so am I excused?


    Very nice! To both bike and garden :-). The latter of which looks very similar to my biking buddy’s garden…. well, big plants, ferns and stuff 😀



    Wheels are the right size, not a fashion fad diameter 😉


    Red is always faster


    nice Ensete Maurelli, Ricinus, chammy and aroids LOL! 😆


    More pictures of the garden.

    Been lurking around here for a while, just signed up though so be gentle!
    Just finished building my new bike after a year of collecting parts while on offer and searching for bargains.
    Had its first outing at Swinley yesterday, blue and red, and I love it! I still need want new bars, stem, seatpost, pedals and brakes, currently this kit is from my old bike, but will have to wait for a bit.


    Frame: Genesis Latitude 853 17.5″
    Forks: Rockshox Reba RL 120mm
    Wheels: Hope Hoops Pro2 evo/stans crest
    Tyres: Specialized Purgatory control 2.3 front
    Captain control 2.2 rear, both tubeless with stans.
    Brakes: Shimano M445 with SLX rotors
    Drivetrain: Deore chainset 2×9, Deore front and rear mechs, SLX cassette and chain.
    Shifters: Shimano Deore.
    Bars: Crank Bros iodine 700mm
    Grips: Renthal
    Stem: On one 60mm
    Saddle: Charge spoon

    Comments welcome 🙂
    (Pulls on flameproof suit)

    Oh no, my first topic is turning the forum into “tropicalgardeningtrackworld”
    Thanks for the comments though, on the bike and garden!
    Bike is orange BTW, but they always look red in pictures!


    Orange you say….

    My comment still stands, red is always faster

    Sorry, looks good though

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    It’s an 853 hatdtail.
    Top marks from me.

    Biggest Dock Leaves I’ve ever seen.
    Must have some enormous nettles.

    Premier Icon benji

    Go on give us a clue, where is the tree frog hiding.

    Nice bike, 853 is always a nice ride.


    Steel hardtail….. reasonably unoffensive, kind of indie………bound to get thumbs up from STW.

    I get the feeling if you’d have posted a FS a different reaction would have been recieved.

    Nice bike by the way! 😛

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