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  • spudly1979

    Hi Spawn, I have the am 6.0, Which I believe is similar but bigger travel. I really like the bike, quality parts and the frame is actuality pretty good.

    But, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, Germany is a bloody long way ifyou have an issue (I’ve had 2 now in first 10 months) and frankly canyon UK are a waste of space.

    I have an xc 6.0 since Christmas. I like it a lot. Only thing I didnt like were the brakes so I swapped SLX ones from another bike.

    Some comments and views here:

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    hi folks,

    I’m going to pull the trigger and buy my first full sus bike and first bike over £1k. My budget is limited to around £1.1k so i’m looking for the best value i can without going second hand

    I’m really thinking hard about the canyon nerve xc 6.0 but with the direct sales model i can’t try it out first.
    Canyon Nerve XC 6.0

    Does anyone have this bike and how do you find it?


    Premier Icon bigjim

    My GF has a nerve xc 8 and it is a good piece of kit, had to send the forks off for repair under warranty straight out the box but was relatively painless once I’d made a video of the problem. One of the shifter springs is dodgy too but not worth the hassle of warrantying at the moment. Certainly incredible value for money.


    I have no personal experience of Canyon bikes but I was out over Cut Gate on Saturday and saw a Canyon which had snapped a drop out rather than the mech hanger and spoke to someone else who had seen someone on another Canyon with a broken frame.

    Might be freak occurrences, but worth considering with the remote selling model

    Premier Icon teadrinker

    I always thought Canyon would be a good deal and they are but I’ve read too many problems with them so I’d stay getting something in the UK. With your budget you should be able to find a 2011 bike in the sale at decent price. Pauls Cycles have been fine for me in the past, not sure on your sizing but they have a couple of Giants in at a fairly good price

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    thanks for the info folks. I think i might be moving towards the giant trance, it’s a bike i’ve ridden a few times and it looks like i could get a good deal for one

    i think tonight will be spent researching deals!


    Been looking at the canyon for my other half, female specific bikes are expensive, but when you look at the canyon, £1400 ish for a full xt spec full sus with fox shocks, seems bargain of the year!

    Will be ordering one as soon as i get my pay cheque this month.

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