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  • IvanDobski

    That’s nice, what size is it?


    Like that.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Tidy that is

    It’s a 18″ Large Ivan

    I’ve finally finished my first build 🙂

    First ride was a very pleasant surprise. Especially as I’ve been riding a full sus for the last 4 1/2 years.

    I’m not sure whether it was a week and a half with no riding, new bike gusto or a combination of the two but my lungs were burning and there was regularly a taste of blood in my mouth as I seemed to relentlessly attack everything 🙂

    Seriously looking forward to my next ride.

    BTW, I’m fully aware that rear tyre logo and valve are not in line. Will rectify this soon 😉 That is also not my garden.


    Very nice!

    Proper nice that is.


    Great looking bike.


    Very nice looking bike, and good tyre choice too works well for nearly everything.


    that’s like a spot whats wrong competition – ie hard
    Front wheel logos match rear does not.

    very tidy though, nice , I like it

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    arg you swine! I’d love one of them!

    Cheers, I tried so very hard Junkyard 🙂

    Have been a big fan of the HR/Larsen combo for some time but wondering on whether to try Ardents or Rubber Queens next as I want to go tubeless again.


    No QR – on the seat do you not drop it for downs? Seems a bit of a waste on a frame like that if you dOnt

    Premier Icon nedrapier


    How did you decide what to get in silver and what to get in black?

    I’m in a similar conundrum, and I’m not sure of the best way forward. I see you’ve cast aside the “match stem and seatpost” rule and I think it works, because the forks balance the stem. Perhaps that rule becomes less relevant the shorter the stem?

    *what do you consider the King of Biscuits?


    Very nice indeed, love the look of those Brodies. Ditch the messy triple though and go for a tidy single ring setup.

    * Probably a Digestive for me, something quite regal about it.

    Rik, I thought a standard clamp would be better due to the stiffness of titanium. The bloke I bought the frame from confirmed this. Plus it’s only a simple Allen key adjust which gives you extra time to catch your breath.

    Ned, it was simple for me as all the parts came from my old full sus which was silver. I’ve been considering sourcing a black stem but as you say the silver does not look out of place. Saying that I’d love a shiny new pair of White fox forks too 🙂

    When I thought of the username I was eating Dark Choc Hob Nobs. Today it was Bourbons.

    Was only thinking the very same thing on my first ride tonight mrblobby. The drivetrain I’ve used is seriously worn and will need replacing very soon. Not sure whether to go 1×10 or 2×10. Think I may swap out the old X9 gears and Race Face drivetrain for SLX, unless XT is going cheap somewhere.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Dark choc Hob Nobs? Hmmm. I love a milk choc Hob Nob, but they’re a bit to easy to guzzle. I shall look out for them. And while I’ve never understood the appeal of the Bourbon Cream, I’ll eat them if they’re there, obviously.

    I’d be careful of of the white foxes, you’ll push the black balance back to the cranks and the post, and that won’t look right, so new post and crankset….? From what I’ve seen, The White is the start of a spendy road. Where to stop?


    very nice.


    The black forks look right on that build. A nice XT crankset (cheapish at Rose bikes) with a single ring would look very good. What you then need is the new XTR mech with the clutch thing so you don’t need to bother with a chain guide (though a proper guide like the LG1+ would look good too.) Spend spend spend!

    * Reckon chocolate hob nobs are more like the Prince Of Biscuits, a bit too fancy to be the king.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    mrblobby, you can’t make statements like that without declaring your interests and allegiances! (Re: biscuits, obviously!)

    Sorry KoB! – still a lovely bike! These new forks – Kashima coating? You going to leave that hanging out on its own? Could work quite nicely if the rest is basically monochrome.


    I like that. In a wierd “not my kind of thing but would love to have a go on it” sort of way. Can’t quite put my finger on why I like it, just looks fun, hope it is.

    Premier Icon neil853

    very very nice

    echo the points about 1×10, that would look good too.


    Nice looking bike there, the colours do work.

    Do us a favour though and get on the blower to the local council about those leaves 😆

    How can you possibly ride a bike like that with confidence? It has no logos that are bigger than the actual component. I can’t even tell at a glance what brand the frame is. This clearly goes against everything that has been proven in the Mtb world. You will now have to use your own skills to ride well as you won’t be able to rely on the magical powers of grotesque logos.

    Ps. Custard creams are the cheeky duke of dunking biscuits.


    That. Is. Veeeeeerrrrr. Nice. 8)

    Ned, I won’t be buying nice new white Fox forks, kashimi coated or not, as I can’t afford them at present 🙂

    I’d been considering a HT for some time, mainly as a second/winter bike, but I thought I’d sell my ’07 Five (which donated all of the parts) and stick with this for a while to get back to basics, improve fitness and learn new skills.

    The drivetrain is next to replace although I’m hoping that my existing setup will last a good portion of the winter. I am tempted though to just go and spend now on a new 1×10 or 2×10 drivetrain and shifters. Might do some wndow shopping/pricing up today if I get time 🙂

    *McVities Chocolate Caramels today, £1 at Sainsbos, bargain.


    Nice that.


    Lovely. I’m wrestling with my conscience as I want one so bad.
    How much did you pay for the frame?

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    *Ta! Sainsbo’s £1 offer is usually a deciding factor in the work Team Biscuit purchase. Chocolate caramels are a rare treat though. I may stock up.

    Can you put a little *biscuit update footnote at the bottom of your posts from now on, please? 🙂

    Ha! The answer to that Charlie, is I won’t be riding it with confidence 🙂 Two stacks in two months has left me lacking somewhat, but I’ll get it back. It’s hard not to push a new bike to see what it and you are capable of. The bike looks like my riding, understated 🙂

    wrecker, it was £799 for an ex-demo from Si @ Progressive Bikes, purchased off this very forum. Thought it was a deal not worth missing as they usually retail for £1100 and I was close to buying a Cotic Soul build for much more money. There’s not a mark on it either so practically new.

    *ned, if the team kitty will stretch to it Yorkshire Gold Tea is also on offer at Sainsbos, £3 for 160 bags. It’s the beverage of choice for biscuits 🙂

    Just sold my 456 as after doing the dirty on it with a much younger Pitch I just can’t love it anymore for some reason.

    Now I want another hardtail!


    Nice bike.

    Basic schoolboy error though for the picture. Instead of propping the bike up vertically with one pedal on the kerb you should have got a mate to dress up in an camouflage body suit and stand holding the bike upright. Looks much neater. (get yourself over to German Ebay and you’ll see how it’s done)

    On the biscuit front, dark chocolate Hobnobs are an abomination, the work of the devil. Milk Chocolate Hobnobs everytime. 🙂

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I like that. A lot.
    Reckon black stem and bars to match the forks would be better though, and would bring the black seatpost into line, but that’s just me.

    namastbuzz, camo suit sounds good. Do they do a brickwork patterned one? I’ll check zee German ebay for inspiration. Milk choclate is for girls though 🙂

    bandito, I think I’ll eventually opt for black Easton Haven carbon bars and the equivalent black Thomson stem but for the time being, due to not really wanting to spend any money, it’ll do! Quite like those grey Sunline bars though. Seatpost into line with what?

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    into line with the stem colour 🙂


    i like that 😀 i don’t do any of the type of riding that your bike is made (no jumping/xtreme dh) for,but would love to have a go on one 😉

    I 2 likeE! What frame is it?

    Oh. Read the tag now! I’ve never seen one of those before, very tasty!!! Fox Crunch Creams are King for me!!!


    Very nice, very tidy.

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