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  • Premier Icon withersea
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    Cool wool!

    Premier Icon TiRed
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    Triang Trike
    At least 20…
    Giant Propel

    Premier Icon toppers3933
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    Random bike my grandad made


    Newest of current bikes is a Saracen amplitude destination BMX.

    Premier Icon smogmonster
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    First ‘proper’ mtb – 1993, a ParkPre something or another.
    In between, at least 20 mtbs (and a few roadies) plus a few more ive forgotten about.
    Latest – Cube Stereo 29er 140mm.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003
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    Specialised Rockhopper 1987

    Who knows lost count! Currently 11 bikes in the garage

    Pronghorn 29er HT with lots of carbon bits.

    Premier Icon WildHunter2009
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    Macro piece of crap hardtail (stolen)
    Scott Atacama Hybrid (stolen)
    Dawes Super Galaxy (Still have)
    Marin B17 hardtail (stolen)
    Marin Wildcat Trail hardtail (still have frame)
    Santa Cruz Heckler (Sold)
    Trek Fuel Ex9 (Current)
    Charge Duster SS (Current)

    Premier Icon somafunk
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    1st bike? : Absolutelyo idea but i do remember a green Raleigh Strika with a pedal back/coaster brake that i cycled to primary school in the 70’s/early 80’s, I did have earlier bikes but my memory is………………

    Bikes in the middle? : more than 10, less than 25

    Latest Bike : Kinesis Tripster ATR

    Premier Icon mattsccm
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    24” wheel trike
    similar sized bike.
    Too big bike unknown 4 speed racer.
    Falcon Eddy Merckx (about 1976 when I was 13)
    Lots of junk jump bikes. Chopper rear wheels with NSU moped forks being a local favourite.
    Puch Prima Super 12, the pale blue one.
    Raleigh Competition (small batch direct from Raleigh via college and Dave B’s dad) in 1983
    Giant Escaper
    Quintan Roo 650c
    Gazelle 531 CX
    531 Claude Butler road bike
    Another Raleigh Competition
    2 Kaffenbacks
    Pre 1930 Dawes
    Very early Moulton
    Late 80’s Hard rock
    Raleigh Triathlon
    Raleigh Mirage
    Rogers trike
    Higgins trike
    Raleigh gents upright roadster
    Raleigh unknown tubed road bike
    Specialized Enduro
    Genesis IO
    2 x On one Pickenflicks
    Cotic X
    Must be more

    Premier Icon oldgit
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    Lots, first kids bike was a brand new Viking in 1963, had an original Chopper.
    First serious bike as a road club member a Dawes, also had…
    Geoffrey Butler, Claud Butler, Reg Barnett, Peugeot, Birds of Colindale, Don Farell, Shorter, Condor, Rampon, Viner, Gios, Giant, Giant, Giant, Giant, Ridley, Ridley, Specialized, Pearson and many more I guess.
    MTB’s loads as well.
    Latest Giant Defy.

    Premier Icon stevied
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    1st bike: Raleigh Striker
    1st big bike: Raleigh Team Banana road.
    1st MTB: Raleigh Avanti
    Another Raleigh (DynaTech Pro)
    3 Giants
    1 On One
    Now an Intense 6.6

    Premier Icon faustus
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    First ‘proper’ mtb: 2004 Rock Lobster 853

    NONE inbetween (plenty of part swapping and experimenting 1×9 etc.)

    Now: Inbred 26er

    Seems quite boring, but i’ve ridden a lot and enjoyed riding a lot.

    Premier Icon warton
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    Raleigh Striker

    Generic blue and white Peugeot ‘Racer’
    Ridgeback 602
    Kona Cindercone
    GT Avalanche
    Marin Indian Fire Trail
    GT XCR1000
    Specialized RockHopper
    Specializsed BMX
    Trek EX9
    Speecalized Allez
    On One 456
    Canyon Aeroad CF9
    Genesis Day One
    Boardman CX
    Planet X Pro Carbon


    Premier Icon withersea
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    So many bikes,so many miles.

    So many smiles 🙂

    Premier Icon RickDraper
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    Ridgeback 705 iirc
    GT Zaskar,
    Specialized FSR,
    SC Heckler.
    SC Blur LT,
    SC Blur LTc,
    Giant Anthem X,
    Merlin Malt 3,
    Fat Chance Shock a Billy,
    Fat Chance Yo Eddy,
    Shock a Billy,
    Shock a Billy,
    Shock a Billy,
    Fat Chance Titanium,
    Fat Chance Yo Eddy,
    Orange Clockwork,
    Felt F3 SL,
    Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL-4
    Merlin Malt 3,
    Giant Anthem X1,
    SC Bronson Carbon,
    Specialized Venge Cavendish,
    Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL-4,
    Ribble winter bike,
    Cotic Soul,
    SC Nomad 650b,
    SC Solo.

    I still own 10 of them.

    Premier Icon egb81
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    GT Outpost

    Overburys Pioneer custom
    Parkpre Team 925
    Commencal Supernormal

    Zealous Division

    Premier Icon benman
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    Diamond back Sorrento circa ’92

    7 inbetween (still own 2 of these)

    Kona Satori 29er

    Premier Icon oli31
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    Raleigh M Trax bonded ti thing
    14 inc. 4 Santa Cruz, 2 Orange a Yeti and a sweet Cannondale Martyn Ashton trials bike
    Now have an Intense Socom and a Nukeproof Mega TR

    Premier Icon creagbhan
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    Rattrays Flying Scot-48 years ago
    5, including a sub 5
    El Guapo

    Premier Icon Jossie
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    No name BMX

    16 I think

    Singular Gryphon

    Still have 5, my brother has 1, 2 stolen and the rest sold

    Premier Icon davewalsh
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    Raleigh Chinook. 2007 – 2008 (lasted 8 weeks before falling to bits)
    Gary Fisher Wahoo. 2008 (nicked after 6 months)
    Commencal Combi Deluxe. 2008 – 2011 (stripped & sold frame)
    Inbred (vert dropouts). 2010 – 2012 (stripped & sold frame)
    Inbred (sliding drops). 2011 – 2012 (stripped & sold frame)
    Ragley Blue Pig. 2012 – 2013 (stripped & sold frame)
    Cotic Soul. 2012 – present
    Banshee Spitfire. 2014 – present

    Premier Icon dannyh
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    GT Avalanche 2005 – 2009 (ridden until frame cracked)
    Genesis Core 2009 – 2013 (ridden until frame cracked)
    On One 456 Evo II 2013 –


    Premier Icon HughStew
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    Excluding numerous bikes when I was a kid / student:

    First: Team Marin. Lovely steel bike which I still have

    10 in total 6 MTB; 4 road

    Latest: Canyon Spectral 6.9. Which arrived at home yesterday, and I haven’t seen yet.

    Premier Icon ska-49
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    2003 to date.

    Total spend of £19,840 (not counting upgrades/consumables).

    Edit: Currently have 1. Kona Explosif 650b, 2. Pinnacle Arkos, 3. Stooge Cycles (not arrived yet).

    Premier Icon cheers_drive
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    Raleigh Chipper
    16 in total
    5 at moment
    Rourke 953 latest

    Premier Icon withersea
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    Ska-49 impressive listing, did you have any idea of the spend before you did that list? I think my MTB Bill comes in at £6k plus another £2k for road bikes that I didn’t include on my first post. Whoops!

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ
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    Since 2007
    Claude Butler Blade
    11 – still own 3
    Latest , Transition Bandit 29er .

    Premier Icon tomhoward
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    That’s (ska-49) about my bike spend since February, on 3 bikes 😳

    Premier Icon ska-49
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    Withersea- I didn’t have a clue! I don’t even want to add up my upgrades. Don’t care though. Love buying/building/riding/crashing/socialising

    tomohoward- thats crazy.. What have you got?

    Premier Icon winston
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    1988: Hoo Koo E Koo

    Many many bikes

    2014: Sunn Tzar S1

    I love cycling me!

    Premier Icon tomhoward
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    2 dream spec carbon Santa Cruzes and an equally dream spec Trek Madone 😳

    Money can’t bring you happiness. But it can buy bikes, which do.

    Premier Icon withersea
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    Wonder what the collective value of the bikes in this post are? I’ll take a stab at half a million. Any other guesstimates?

    Premier Icon eddiebaby
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    Raleigh 10spd for passing my 11+ in ’63.

    Stumpjumper in the 90s
    Giant Escape 2 years ago

    Cannondale Trigger 1

    So that’s the first 50 years covered.

    Premier Icon aw
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    First… Saracen rigid framed MTB

    Kona Cindercone 97
    Kona unit 29er
    Fuji lager single speed
    Alan cross single speed converted

    Now have…
    Klien attitude V MTB with FS forks
    Boardman team carbon
    Genesis flyer single speed
    Condor Acciaio – picking up tomorrow!

    Premier Icon Malvern Rider
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    Raleigh Tomahawk
    Right now – ’98 Kona Lavadome S/S, 2010 Litespeed Obed, 2011 Genesis Core 20, 1997 M-Trax 150, Batavus Personal Deluxe, 1970s Raleigh Twenty.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n
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    Ridgeback 601lx

    5 over 20 years (+2 roadies)

    Solaris, el Mariachi (+day 1 disc)

    1 mtb every 4 years not bad!

    Premier Icon collostomy
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    1st Raleigh Tomahawk
    Followed by a couple of road bikes.
    1st MTB: KHS Montanna Descent 1988
    Followed by: Offroad Proflex 750 (simply shocking!), Cannondale M800…. 15 year gap….Orange P7.
    Currently: Orange Five, Specialized Crave, Massi Roadie.

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