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  • first aid kit in camelbak?
  • vixalot

    If out on my own little bag with some tablets, plasters, wipes, little bandage and space blanket, If out with a group a bit bigger first aid kit 2x space blankets. Luckly only had to use wipes and tablets on a fellow rider who fell off, and 2 space blankets when I came across a couple of walkers one with a broken ankle they had phoned for help but had nothing much with them

    Premier Icon lapierrelady

    I’ve got the standard 10×10 wound dressings, cohesive bandage, ibuprofen, paracetemol, etc but also carry
    little round plasters for my friend with the weak nipples
    The ‘smash’ ice packs now you can buy them at the chemist- 2 for £4.50 and ace for head knocks
    Spare contact lenses for myself, cause it’s no fun to lose to trail.


    I carry a small first aid kit in my pack, plus a pencil with 1m of Duct tape wound on it. We had a debate last year, and just about any emergency first aid can be accomplished with a meter of the grey stuff. It would have been useful when I broke my collar bone out in the forest with the two kids!

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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