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    On a backcountry trip a few years ago, we were comparing ‘personal First Aid kits’ and one of my snowboarding buddys commented that he carried a ‘nerve block’ in his kit as he didn’t trust anyone else to administer one if he broke his leg or similar …

    He is a Consultant as it happens. 🙂


    stevomcd – Member

    Never had much success with steri-strips I’ve got to say. Usually too much blood / mud / sweat / rain / tears going on to get them to stick.

    The ones we get at work seem to be much better than the ones you buy in chemists


    Aspirin (for heart attacks)
    Strong painkillers (paracetemol & codeine)
    Sugar in some form for diabetic hypos

    Cheers buddy

    Pretty much what I carry plus Imodium, anti-histamines and rehydration salts. (all depending on the length of the ride)

    I think epipens, inhalers,GTN sprays etc come into the “personal meds” category and if leading a group would expect them to bring their own/declare their condition at the beginning of the ride

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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