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  • First 3D Printed Thermoplastic Mountain Bike: Revel Rodeo
  • stwhannah
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    Revel, the Colorado brand behind Revel Bikes and Wheels, has been experimenting with 3D printing in order to make a FusionFiber bike. This is a type o …

    By stwhannah

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    First 3D Printed Thermoplastic Mountain Bike: Revel Rodeo

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    I’d hope thermoplastic has improved since its GT days.

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    My sts is still good, on is second frame though.
    I wonder if they can replace parts of the frame when it cracks

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    I’ve a feeling this is goign to end up being a promo/hype thing mostly, like 3d printed titanium bikes (useful for small parts, not a sensible way to make a whole bike) or cnc frames etc. But it’s pretty cool. I think they’re playing fairly fast and loose with the terminology, though, or at least how it’s normally understood.

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    Look! We can make bike frames recyclable! How new-fangled. Woohoo!

    Once upon a time they’d have said that the new construction type would make the trails come alive 😁😂

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    What’s the polymer?

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    This is still in the early concept phase when it comes to recyclability, but we believe it can be done, and done economically in the future!

    Pessimist on me reads this as ‘in theory could be, but it cannot currently be done’…

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    Hope the thermoplastics improved over time, I went through 3 gt sts 1 I drive I’ve been happy with my gt xizang for the last 27 yrs still going strong

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    Hope the thermoplastics improved over time

    Thermoplastic covers alot of different plastics and properties from PETG bottles to super plastics like PEEK. I believe this process uses Nylon. Using nylon instead of epoxy isn’t new, that’s what Guerrilla Gravity use for their production frames. Being able to lay down and control the individual strands of carbon fibre is the interesting bit.
    Anyway it’s good to see Revel being honest about what this project is and how far off being a production process it is.

    There’s far too much smoke and mirrors BS in both the bike and the additive manufacturing industry. Have all look at Arevo’s own attempt at a bike using this technology to see such BS the promise the reality the review

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    Strange name choice, hopefully you don’t get bucked off as soon as you sit on it, they totally dodged the 2 halves question. Basically yet another inovative way to create a frame then charge silly money for cos it’s unique, I’d like to see a hybrid of GT’s STS and Atherton bikes, CNC’d shiny aluminium lugs with carbon tubes epoxied in, but carbon with the beautiful weave like Unno or Hope frames, that would be stunning, especially if you anodised the frame lugs.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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