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    Had a quick scan through previous topics and didn’t see another thread applicable, so here goes.

    My 10 year old lad is getting a bit giraffe for his Isla (which has done him proud). I’m looking at a first foray into 26″ for him. My initial thought is to do a self build I reckon, using a bunch of the spare parts from the trusty rusty drawer (yes, I know none of them will probably fit…..) Having scanned through the usual suspect websites I’m heading down the line of a DJ-type frame to get the Stand-Over he’ll need and try and avoid him feeling like he’s on a penny farthing.

    Any advice lads and lasses? Anyone hurdled this before with success?


    Some way of this myself but I think you have the right plan

    Air forks must surely be a must as well given kids weight
    Think I would get some weak – possibly even cable- disc brakes to start with.

    You often see very small sized frames going cheap on websites as well.

    Would probably spend some money on serious wheels as they should last a few bikes worth.

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    Been away for a couple of weeks. Ta for the reply Junkyard. Always good to get affirmation that yo’re on the right track…..

    cheers again 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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