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  • Jamie

    Less is more. Don’t run everyday. Run every other day if you must, making sure to have a rest day before the 10k.


    Pace yourself, don’t bust a gut trying for a theoretical PB, enjoy it, pace yourself then if you feel good go for a fast(Eric) finish.


    I wouldn’t bother with running the full distance. Yes it would be useful, psychologically but running between now and the 10k will not really add much to your fitness.

    Run a couple of times this week 4 miles or shorter, at the pace you want, then give it a clear day at least before race day.



    And I’ve been Unable to run for a whole week due to a stomach bug 🙁

    I was running 4 miles in 31 minutes so I was/am aiming for a sub 50 minute 10k.

    Trouble is, 4 miles is the furthest I’ve ran so last week and this week the plan was to up that to the full 6 miles and hopefully within the 50 minute mark.

    So, If I get out tomorrow ( which I’m hoping to do) that gives me 6 days of running to add the 2 miles on at a decent pace….

    Now 2 miles when your legs are not used to them can seem quite far.

    so any suggestions for best plan of attack to get me as ready as I can be in the time I have?!


    There’s not a great deal you can do to improve physical fitness between now and your race, psychological however… I’d try and do a slow 10-11k run tomorrow or Monday, then a short fast run on Thursday. Eat well and avoid alcohol the night before the race, and on race day go for it!

    edit: I’m assuming a weekend race, hence Thursday’s fast session. adjust accordingly if that’s not the case.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Run the full distance, throw time goals out of the window. Enjoy the day, the crowd will carry you and you’ll probably surprise yourself.

    My personal best was the one time I heeded this advice.


    I’d go for distance over pace. As above, there’s no need to do the full distance, the day itself will carry you home. If you’ve never done 10k before, I’d slow your pace and aim for under an hour


    Mogrim + 1

    Although you can rescue defeat from the jaws of victory by getting injured. The fact is any training you do between now and the race will only really benefit you the weekend or so after. (there are exceptions such as high quality speed work for very fit athletes)
    Best thing is to train quite hard for a few days (which will probably only mean 2 hard sessions) then ease up a few days before.
    At least you will perform to your current potential on race day.


    surfer and mogrim +1

    All I’d add is that if it’s your first 10k and it’s a relatively big race, try not to let yourself get carried away at the start. Quite a few people will go off like trains and some of them will look like they really shouldn’t. Don’t be tempted to chase after them – the increased adrenaline at race start can easily lead you to get a bit carried away. You know what pace you’re capable of, so settle into it and try to stick at it. Anything you gain by going out too hard will be more than lost when you’re dying on your arse during the last couple of k, during which, it’s much more enjoyable to be passing lots of people because you stayed steady rather than seeing them passing you. Enjoy. 🙂

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    I can only echo what DD says above. I did the BUPA 10k in Sheffield and found myself getting dragged along at a pace I just would not have been able to maintain. Thing is at first I did not even realise it was happening.

    Had a Forerunner 305 though and had set that to pace me to achieve an sub one hour time and dropped back on the speed a bit.

    Definitely helped and I passed a fair few people who I had been running with earlier on the homeward leg.


    Danny B


    Only thing I can add is the mrs has improved her times by just plugging away and generally running when she wants. Stuck a couple of 10 k training runs in but usually stuck to the 7ish mark. She reckoned doing the 10ks in training neither benefited nor hindered her on the day.
    One thing she did say tho was, she hated the busy 10k race in derby, but loved a quieter one she did at elvaston castle a few months later.

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