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  • Firefox – Anyone else suffering constant crashing?
  • Premier Icon Coyote
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    Also problems with Adobe flash plug in not playing video clips. Tried all the recommended stuff but beginning to lose patience.

    Premier Icon IHN
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    Not crashing, but it often freezes if I’ve got it open and ‘wake up’ the laptop after, say having the lid closed for a while and opening it again.

    Premier Icon samuri
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    Nope, works fine for me.
    Have you tried talking to your IT administrators?

    Premier Icon fasthaggis
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    Works really well on all my machines,changed from Chrome which never seemed to work that good for me.

    Premier Icon portlyone
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    No, seems fine to me and I have it on several machines.

    Premier Icon footflaps
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    I don’t let Flash run unless I click on it – using software banned from being mentioned on this forum. It makes web pages load much quicker and also avoids all the instabilities and vulnerabilities that come with Adobe SW eg latest webcam hijack: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Flash-Player-Clickjacking-Flaw-Allows-Hackers-to-Hijack-Your-Webcam-360980.shtml

    Premier Icon Tom83
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    Crashes on my mobile, but seems to be stable on the pc’s.

    Premier Icon Coyote
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    Samuri – I hope your arse is still aflame. 👿

    Thanks for the responses, looks like a full de and re-install is required.

    Premier Icon bigyinn
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    I was having lots of FF crashes on my work PC daily, would just be doing something on another program and it would just crash at random times.
    Turned out to be a dodgy memory strip in the end, removed that and its been fine since.

    Premier Icon spacemonkey
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    Can’t stand FF anymore. Started getting really heavy and bug-riddled in the months leading up to Chrome’s release. Switched to the latter and wouldn’t ever go back. FF is almost as bad as IE IMO.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer
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    FF just gets slower and slower and slower. Only thing I use it for is farcebook though, so fb could be the culprit. Doesn’t crash, but needs to be restarted regularly. Just leaving it idle for half an hour makes it unusably slow.

    Chrome (well usually Chromium) for everything else. Never crashes, and if it does, it’s just that tab that’s affected.

    Plus I steer well clear of flash if at all possible.

    Premier Icon MSP
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    I had lots of problems for a while, resorted to downgrading to flash 10, but currently running the latest versions of both flash and FF without any problems.

    It is a flash problem, not FF.

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