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  • Finisterre Sastruga jacket anyone?
  • The bodywarmer they do (Bise, ISTR) has been the best bit of clothing I’ve ever bought. Takes up next to no room in the pack, pop it on at the end of a ride while waiting for a train or having a pint as the temps drop. Or for an early morning start when you know it’s going to warm up later and don’t want to lug a jacket around.

    Now I’m looking at jackets, what I’d really like is my bodywarmer but with arms and a hood. The Sastruga costs a fortune though, is it worth the money? Could save about 100 quid by getting something similar from Decathlon.

    I got one last year.

    It’s very very warm, dry and comfy but there are a couple things I would change in the design.

    Side hand warming pockets lower down
    Chest pocket zips further away from main zip

    If the money bothers you, the new Brecon from howies is better bang for buck, else look at their wool insulated ventile coat. If I was looking for a coat right now, that one would be on my list.

    Both howies and Finesterre are making some cracking gear at the mo but howies are in the lead on vfm IMO



    I have an Etobicoke and it’s pretty good. It’s 2 years old now and some stitching & the zip is starting to fail
    I got it half price so I’m not going to grumble too much

    The Sastruga is a warmer zoned primaloft jacket and will probably have the same build quality. It’s not cheap either. If it was my money I’d get a similar jacket from Patagonia, Montane or Rab. They’re more robustly built and tested in really bad weather. They don’t tend to be in funky colours though…..


    Some more options:
    Montane Ice Guide
    Rab Plasma Hoodie
    Outdoor Research Chaos is stupidly warm too

    Some good options there, cheers. There’s a Patagonia shop in town so I’ll have a look.

    Very fond of pertex, I’ve a Buffalo shirt which is almost too warm despite being about 20 years old. Can’t wear it in town though, you look like a right knobber!


    If you can get a Patagonia Das Parka in the sales it’ll be brilliant for years to come


    I’ve had one for a couple of years now. Great bit of kit.

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    I’m currently enjoying the vest version of this:

    Enjoying very much indeed. Along with some Thornbridge Jaipur.

    silly expensive at RRP, but very nice if you can find a bargain.(jacket, not beer)

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    I found the finesterre sizing odd for me, wide shoulders wide wide chest bought a decathlon induit down jacket in the summer sale £24 and very happy no doubt will not last as long but at that price…had lots of decathlon stuff over the years and generally impressed
    edit also have a montane prism jacket okay but check sizing decathlon jacket is lighter and warmer
    keela belay jacket seious warmth but bulky


    Mmmmm…. Jaipuuuuuur

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