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  • Finding an obscure rear mech hanger
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    LBS. Any at all decent LBS will have a drawer full of assorted mech hangers.

    Any ‘brand-x’ type thing which is likely made by one of the massive Far eastern companies will use a ‘stock’, commonly available mech hanger.

    Take the frame, dig through them till you find one that matches.

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    run it singlespeed?


    I was thinking Viking came in from Avocet Sports in Manchester, but their website doesn’t mention them. Might be worth a phonecall though, even if they’ve dropped the brand, they may have old stock.
    Failing that, maybe something from Wheels Manufacturing would do the job – any LBS with a Madison account could help.


    Been offered an old bike for £20 to use as a city runaround, but the frame has no rear mech hanger.

    Its a ‘Viking’ brand frame (looks like a cheapo mass-produced alloy job) and my Google searches have so far failed to show where I might be able to get hold of a replacement.

    Anyone happen to know a shop/website that deals in Vikings? Or have any other bright ideas?



    Using my elite detective skills I guess you’re buying THIS which looks similar to THIS on Ebay, which handily has a fairly close pic of the hanger.

    Could be BETD hanger 27 or maybe Raleigh RMM238?


    haha – TheChunk, you’re spot on!

    Looks pretty similar to the hanger for an old Merlin Malt 1 in that ebay piccy. Of which i used to have a spare somewhere…

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    If all else fails and you don’t want a single speed, you could try and search a hone rear hub and mech.


    i had some machined for me many moons ago – but i did have a poatteren to be copied. was cheaper than buying them. got 4 for £20 iirc.

    what singlespeed tensioner will work if you have no hanger?

    magic gear never really seems to work for me.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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