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  • nbt

    Through Reddish vale, cut through the tunnel under Brinnington and drop right underneath the M60 to come out at Pear Mill, Stockport. Either go through Vernon and Woodbank parks (follow the path alon the river, it's great) or go past Bredbury hall to come out at Chadkirk Chapel and thence to Marple, New Mills and the peak district.

    From the other end of Reddish Vale, follow the Transpennine trail to go over to Werneth Low and drop into Compstall, thence to marple etc etc

    Or get the train to marple and cut out the riding 🙂

    Mossley and east manchester is about 20 minutes on the train and there's plenty of good riding that way too

    I am Manchester city centre based but don't have access to the car until the evenings. let me know if you want to get out one night next week sometime. Would like to go look at Rivington area sometime if you are interested!?

    David Felt

    NBT, that sounds ace, had a quick blast round Reddish Vale before but didn't realise that there was more to it, I'll have to pick your brains on that a bit more I think, where to go etc.

    Highlimber, Im still awaiting my new bike yet, might be a week or two, but Id def be up for something like that in the evening or weekend, why not eh?

    Anyone found any good routes around or starting from Dovestones in Greenfield? I can ride there in under an hour (quite like getting some road miles in the legs if its nice and early in the morning). For example, can you get up towards Indians Head way up the path to the right after the sailing club?

    Thanks guys


    Train to the Peak

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    As nbt says, loads of trails round Reddish/Stockport way.
    Train out to Marple or New Mills, lots of options there including Chinley Churn, Rowarth and (3 miles ride away) Hayfield.

    Train from Manc Victoria goes out to Todmorden/Hebden, you could ride round there for weeks and not do the same trail twice (with the possible exception of Jack Bridge!)

    David Felt

    Train to the peak would be fine, I live about 2 mins from the station. Question is, where to? Edale and then Jacob's Ladder? Buxton? Chapel? Where should I be looking at for the best riding (for a good few hours) with the minimum amount of train time?

    Drop us a line when you get you bike. I have most weekends free.

    in the mean time, I have caught the train to Hope a few times. there is loads of stuff to go at there!


    Anyone found any good routes around or starting from Dovestones in Greenfield?

    hp_source to the forum please

    Loads of good riding round there. Make friends with the chaps in the bike shops, you'll learn loads

    there's the south manchester massive too, some "urban singletrack" style adventuring, often departing from jackson's boat in sale, but with away day trips to places such as Hollingworth lake and Llandegla, and very occasionally the south of manchester (but only once or twice a year)

    If you;re heading out on the train, get the v-graphics White peak and Dark peak guide books and a copy of the OS map and between the two (and a few questions on here) you should be able to keep yourself entertained for a year or two


    Manchester city centre to Sheffield is rideable almost all off road with lots of the Peak District's delights in between (mentioned just in case you don't always want to get the train).
    Buxton and Chapel-en-le-Frith are sort of 'near to' good riding but Chinley, Edale, Hope, Bamford and to a slightly lesser extent Hathersage and Dore (all on the Manchester – Sheffield line) are in the middle of it.
    Even jumping off at Marple and New Mills gets you very close to some 'mini Peak District' riding.


    Train to edale
    next question?

    David Felt

    So, my insurance claim has been successful and very soon I shall again own a bike. Question is, without a car, which trails can I get to (either by road riding or a quick train journey) from Manchester City Centre?

    Lee quarry is an option, but getting there is a pig, so maybe only once a month for that one, anyone know anything closer to home, Reddish Vale park has a very small amount of off road paths, but I'm not too sure other than that.

    Any other STW forumites live in the City Centre but still get to some decent trails?

    Hindle Pie

    Bit of an epic, but you can get to Reddish Vale, then onto Haughton Green, Werneth Low and Compstall all off-road from Manc city centre.

    Take the Bridgewater canal south from castlefield down to the (Barfoot Bridge) Mersey Valley then along all the way (through Stockport town centre) to Reddish Vale or come off at Chorlton Ees and along the Manchester Cycle Way to Reddish Vale. Once here you have numerous options to get you into t'hills.

    SouthManchesterMassive venture this way on the odd nightride if you fancy learning the various routes.


    H t N course?


    where are you coming from?
    i live 5 mins from the velodrome, from my house straight into clayton vale (where british cycling are doing some fun races) onto medlock valley, daisy nook/park bridge, upto harthead pike and youve got mossley and the peaks ahead, left over to greenfield, marsden etc or loop round to the south pennines or go right for glossop and the peaks.
    Drop me a mail if you want anything when you get your bike sorted

    David Felt

    RDL-82 that sounds perfect, Im on Great Ancoats Street, on Ashton Canal, when I get my new bike (please see this thread to help me decide: I will def give you a shout and maybe tag along.

    Im from Oldham originally and used to spend a lot of time at Hartshead Pike, and Greenfield Mossley, but haven't been for years. Would be ace to come straight out of my building and be nothing but offroad and trails all the way there!


    david, not a problem, will gladly show you round, email in profile, the route i do mainly from clayton vale is about 35miles give or take with very little tarmac involved, and dont worry about pace, i am no racing god 🙂

    Premier Icon snowslave

    We hit the peaks/s pennines/Calderdale most weeks for our weds night rides and car share so you'd get a lift out to those places no prob


    Don't forget you can access the Peaks from Disley train station as well via the canal. Hence you can train it to Edale and come back from Disley etc


    Train from Manc Victoria goes out to Todmorden/Hebden,

    You might as well get off at Smithy Bridge or Littleborough and ride from there (as they are in Greater Manchester it saves you a few quid on the train ticket and it links up easily…see Pennine Bridleway, Mary Townley Loop and other random bridleways on OS map.

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