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  • Finale Ligure Trip Booked – recommendations on trails or rides to do.
  • dan45a

    I’ve just booked a trip for 3 days riding in Finale Ligure, Italy in March with 3 riding mates, really cant wait to escape the cold wet hills of south wales.

    I’m looking for some reccommendations or must do rides/trails when there. We are all on 160 ish travel all mountian type bikes.

    I have provisionally booked and 3 days guided uplift with

    Plus any good places to drink and eat…any advice welcomed.

    Have always ridden with and been extremely well looked after by Sylvia & Mark at, been three times, will go back again.

    There’s loads of trails, but they have extra ones higher up, nioe smooth flowy singletrack in the forest that other companies don’t have access to. Combine that with the steep rocky DH stuff in La Manie (Gee Atherton NWD downhill trail), a load of the trails from the Nato base….. ****. I’m going back again.

    As for food – there’s a bunch of restauraunts in the old town, can’t really go wrong. All lovely.

    Edit – Madonna & Toboga are mentioned on the link above – those are a couple of the more well trodden trails lower down, great fun.


    Thanks honourablegeorge, that’s really good info, would like to try the higher stuff you mention, wondering whether time of year may limit options?

    Anyone else got any trail recommendations?


    Ok all packed and we leave in the morning. Can’t wait to get there.

    Anyone got any further advice or must ride trails?

    We have 3 days Uplift booked, should we be looking to arrange anything else? Are there any good pedal out of town loops worth doing?

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Have a great trip. its an ace place to ride…

    I don’t think snow will be too much of an issue on the south facing slopes, but on the north facing they will be skiing.

    If you are gonna get uplift, I would recommend talking to local riders, they can hook you up with guys who will uplift a group of you all day for 50euros. I know a guy if you are in valle Argentina or valle Nervia.

    if you want GPX routes of higher trails – ask (by email).

    pro-Guided rides are awesome, but not cheap (typically 40euros a day/rider)

    Premier Icon chickenman

    From Burgo Finale there are a lot of trails across the river (eastwards) from the top of the hill, the bike shop just off the main square in Burgo has maps(you follow coloured icons as trail markers; expect to get lost!).


    I’ve got gpx data from Superenduro 2012 and EWS 2013 if you want it.

    Big one to look for is the Dolmen which is always stage 1 at Superenduro. Also great is the Zaragoza.


    Just got back from the Finale trip. WOW – 3 full days riding, of probably the most fun, natural and on times technical trails i’ve ridden. No kitty litter here 🙂

    Ive been to quite a few alpine resorts and this is easily as good if not better.

    The trails off the Nato base are so much fun with flowing turns and drops, then the lower rocky stuff is pretty tech and steep. I particurlaly remember Mini Champery was hard going but amazing. I’m sure we only scratched the surface and would definelty go back. Thanks for all the pointers above, they all helped.

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