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  • ask1974

    My LBS is building my first new ride in eight years (28lb trail bike) when the frame comes into stock later this week.

    I ordered the build with XT brakes and drive chain, although I’ve gone for an XTR shadow plus on the rear. The LBS has offered a pretty good deal to upgrade the chain set to XTR (+£175); or in simple terms twice the price of XT 😳 I’m also considering an upgrade to XTR shifters. Shifters alone is a fairly easy choice from a budget perspective but to do both is starting to push the budget and make me sweat a little…

    I come asking for reasons other than weight to make one, or other, or both upgrades. In your opinion do either offer a marked improvement in feel or performance?



    XTR is better then XT, it’s why it’s called XTR.

    It will look better too. Also you won’t get it and think, hmmm, wonder how it would ride if I’d gone for XTR…. And before you know it, upgraditus sets in.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    shifters will make a bigger difference than cranks imho

    Premier Icon nickjb

    Money could be better spent elsewhere IMHO. Uppy/downy post, lights, part payment on a winter sun trip.


    Nickjb, already got most of that that lot sown up… My ‘big’ investments are Fox Float 32 RLC forks, RP23 shock, Mavic Crossmax ST wheels and Reverb seat post. With XT everywhere else I’m fairly happy it’ll be a hell of a ride, but Realman hits it pretty much spot on.

    I can’t justify XTR everywhere and I’m happy that XT brakes, front mech and cassette are as good as I’ll need. But I’ve read a few posts that suggest XTR shifters are a good investment, it’s the chain set that bothers me.


    My first question would be ‘can I get parts for XTR cranks easily?’ If not then stay at XT and upgrade shifters. If you can then XTR cranks look shiny 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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