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  • Fina swimming decision
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    Regarding Alex (I had name as Geoff?)

    Sorry, I edited it as I thought it more appropriate to use a gender-neutral name.

    Supporting trans rights does not require accepting that trans women are women.

    I think you might find that trans people would disagree with you there.

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    Once again, STW is way ahead of the curve (and is Jonathan Liew a secret STW lurker?!)

    Guardian opinion piece

    Tbh, I’m staying out of the main part of the debate – what’s really riled me up in this is Liew’s claim that ‘that’s just “the science” ‘, as if science is something one can just ignore/ debate with/ sidestep if it’s inconvenient.

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    I think Mr Liew needs to go back to school and learn some simple biology. I fear he has lost all sight of reality

    He also needs to realise that whilst no trans athlete has yet competed for GB that doesn’t mean they wont, not does it mean that other nations might and the playing field needs to be as level as it can be

Viewing 3 posts - 161 through 163 (of 163 total)

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