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  • Premier Icon robgarrioch

    Following on from Georges 'favourite films'; maybe / maybe not those you think are "the worst film ever made", but the ones you just couldn't handle at the time. 2 for me –

    Sleepers; poorly made, poorly acted, like a pop video. Should've been a gripping subject, but decided to centre on lingering slo-mo shots of chiselled actors doing EMOTION.

    Van Helsing; the relentless insane-cackling of every woman other than Kate Beckinsale fried my brain. That & other exaggerated stereotypes had me out in 15 mins. Only good thing was Ms. Beckinsale & her weapon-craft….


    Never walked out but transformers 2 had me grinding my teeth.


    My Big Fat Greek Wedding, my god it was so terrible i tried blind myself with pop corn, possibly the worst film i have seen half of, don't know how it ended and don't care.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    casino – went to the toilet. couldnt be arsed to go back in.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    I would have walked out of Snake Eyes, but it was on in my house on my TV and my house mates wanted to watch it.

    Walking out of my own house would have set a dangerous precedent.

    Premier Icon nuke


    Just to make the cinema trip even worse, we walked out only to discover we'd lost the car & house keys and had to get a lift home to break in to our house to get the spare set. 🙁


    The Village, absolute pile of pap

    Premier Icon robgarrioch

    Jam bo; that's interesting – got Casino DVD few weeks ago; the 1st half is boring as…., then it picks up a lot in the 2nd half. Have you watched the whole thing since?


    house sitter, with steve martin and goldie hawn. The worst film I have ever seen


    Lost in Translation – plot was spoon fed with a ladle, comes to something when you pay good money to waste 90 mins of your life – I can do that for free on here anytime…


    Thin Red Line, and I wasn't the only one who walked out that night either.

    The land of the lost.

    What a load of sh!te


    the exorcist part III, partly because it was so bad and the girl i took to see it had just lost her father so the scenes of the undead walking the streets were a little too close to home for her

    Premier Icon wormhole

    anything with nick cage in it?

    Starship Troopers.
    What a big pile of steaming turd.

    Premier Icon robgarrioch

    Films really are a matter of taste aren't they; quite a few up there ^^ I don't mind, & many in the 'favourites' thread you couldn't pay me to see.


    reservoir dogs



    by christ that was a terrible film!


    the sequel to Jurassic park. Saw the first one off my box, fantastic. Saw the second one stone cold, utter drivel. Watching the first one again and even in that state, I was right…

    Premier Icon DezB

    Thin Red Line – is that the Vietnam film? I love that film, have watched it twice!

    As said in the fave films one – Highlander. Such rubbish and I couldn't cope with the accents!

    Didn't walk out, but fell asleep during, Patriot Games. Made me realise how much I hate "action" movies, so I don't watch any of them now!


    Moulin rouge, biggest pile of shite that the wife dragged me to. Walked out after 20 mins and left her to it. Luckily mike bassett was on in the screen door.

    Premier Icon mogrim

    Showgirls, not even half a bottle of red and the prospect of tits galore could save that one.

    Sliding Doors – even my date thought it was guff and we walked out after 20 minutes



    Utter, utter shite. Full of the most obvious cliches and cheesy cinematography. I have never forgiven Mark Kermode after he recommended that pile of crap.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    The body guard with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.

    The worst film for me was 'Gigli' with Jennifer Lopez and her squeeze at the time Ben Affleck. Dreadful, dreadful film.

    didnt walk out… but played 'paper, scissor, stone' through Blair Witch Project.

    west kipper

    Yes I know lots of people think it is 'a superior combat sci-fi movie blah blah blah' but I thought it was really poor and couldn't stand to see the hash that Cameron made of things. I had to walk out.
    Alien was a fantastic, beautiful, clever piece of cinema with solid performances and credible psychology, but the sequel is just an 'executive producer's cash in' The only plus point is it gave industrial designer Syd Mead some work.
    I'm aware of how much lower 'the franchise'(sorry there's no puking-up smiley) sank with the following sequels, but the first is where the rot started.


    Mrs Doubtfire.

    What a shile of pite.


    a film called Level 5, story of a woman talking about of his partner who designed a video game and die. Only film I walk away, in fact I went to another room to watch something else in the same theater.

    Not me but a few in the audience walked out of a film called "Man bites Dog". Must admit I was glad the the film was in B/W.



    I've only left the cinema twice.

    Pret a porter – We lasted about 45 minutes of this utterly pointless film which was made even more unbearable by a group of gheyers in front of us who laughed hysteracally throughout.

    Waynes World – Surrounded by greasers and metalers who you knew hadn't seen pussy since the day they were born. Me and the missus walked after about 30 minutes, didn't laugh once.
    Watched it since though and chuckled.


    I tried to walk out of AI, but I was on an aeroplane at the time.


    Titanic sucked balls. walked out as soon as i could


    'Captain Corelli's mandolin'[Nicholas Cage too] ended up in the pub next door and re named it 'Captain Mainwaring Banjo"

    Premier Icon robgarrioch

    "Man bites Dog"

    O yes, not one for the family that one.


    Moulin rouge, even got my money back!


    bewitched, with will ferrell and nicole kidman.

    i used to work in a cinema so i have a very tolerance for films devoid of redeeming features…. 20 minutes i lasted, god…..

    I have said it before and I'll say it again Mac and Me is the worst film ever ever ever made.

    watch the mcdonalds dance scene


    What was that one about the yank billionaire who built the Spruce goose(flew it 10 yards and went home).Now theres a proper pile of dog dooda – 3 hrs we sat through it.The worst of it was,the place was packed and I did'nt have the balls to walk out.Did have an overriding impression tho,that if I did,it might have started a trend.The thought of this film still gives me the horrors! – Oh aye,now I remember,Howard Huwwey was'nt it?

    WTF half these films are quite good!?

    i'm pretty good at watching rubbish films, but "Battlefield Earth" was on the tv the other day. That redefines what a cr@p film is!
    worse than The Avengers (remake) and that was pretty bad.

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