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  • zaskar

    I think I watched King Kong at 2 yrs and too many horrors and hence desensitized to blood and gore.

    I work as a haematologist now…

    I was 20 before I swam in the ocean

    Premier Icon jimmy


    I know he’s friendly but HE’S UNDER MY BED!!

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    The Exorcist when I was 8. Didn’t sleep for a week.


    Only film that ever “affected” me as a kid was Ghostbusters – I remember waking up with a green blob at the end of my bed, so scared I couldnt actually speak/scream. Funny because I quite liked the slimer in the film.

    Watership down was just depressing, can’t imagine why anyone would WANT to watch it lol.


    Ring of bright water. Cried like a girl.

    Still can’t see an otter without wanting to smash it’s head in with a shovel…

    Premier Icon maxray

    lol MrSparkle 😀 same here.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    American Werewolf in London, when I was 10.

    I know it’s “funny”, but Im terrified if I try and watch it again.

    The Goonies, I went missing for days after a holiday down in cornwall I never could find that cave with a secret pirate ship of treasure though I did find a skull on the beach once. Always thought one of my teachers at school was chunk.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Tarka the otter. That changed the course of my childhood from becoming a man, to making me cry like a girl.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Nightmare On Elm Street scared the shit out me when I was 11 😆

    About 15 years later I plucked up the courage to watch it again and discovered how laughably bad it was.


    Hey you guys!!!!!



    ‘Scum’ convinced me I really, really din’t want to go to Prison…

    Premier Icon nickc

    1979, I’m 11, watching the Oscars, they’re handing out the award for best film, amongst the candidates is Alien. They show some clips…. 😯

    Properly scared.


    The Italian Job… what kind of ending is that, made me think for hours about how to get the gold off the bus.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    the poison injecting robots in Runaway (1984) got to me

    Seen at about age nine or ten, I think.

    Fields of any tall crop are creepy places, this captured that….


    I roared my eyes out all the way home after his mam got shot.

    In about 1972, I hasten to add…




    Queer as folk

    My beutiful laundrette

    and any party political broadcast by any member of the conservative party.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Neon Maniacs

    Fire in the Sky. I watched that when I was about 7 and struggled to sleep properyl for a while after


    defo scum, seen it when i was around 11, kinda warped my head and should never have seen it. made me part of who i am today, and not in a good way


    the time i can remmeber being scared.
    i was in my nans caravan in wheely everyone went to bed and i watched a horror film that was like 3 short parts one of which was called bobby or something.
    about a woman who’s son drowned and she used witchcraft to bring him back.
    i have always watched horrors as a kid but when the kid walks up the stairs and says bobby didnt want to come back SO HE SENT ME!! and a devil face came out of the shaddows i had a coronary!!!
    i must hve been 8-10yrs old


    7 or 8 watching friday 13th the bit at the end when he jumps out of the water and drags her out of the boat……scared the living shit out of me I screamed like a girl, didnt sleep well for ages probably shouldn’t have watched Halloween a few months later either


    only the government safety films. I can’t run on a beach in bare feet, and never will be able to.


    Premier Icon orena45

    Poltergeist – where a clown came out from under the bed and attacked someone in their bedroom.

    Never liked clowns ever since.


    Jaws had a profound effect on me, I no longer swim with giant foam rubber sharks.


    Animal farm 😯

    Premier Icon Stoner

    The Twilight Zone had me scared quite a bit when I was 10 or 11.

    Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, was the one with the gremlin on the plane wing

    One I thought was really scary but cant find it in the Twilight Zone episode database had a big scary rabbit in it. It was a black and white film. Does anyone know what it was – woul dhave been early/mid 80s.



    Docudrama based around a nuclear attack on Sheffield

    Absolutley scared the crap out of me, I dont think my parents knew what they’d let me watch!!


    Apaches (late 70s full length public information film)

    Lots of kids get killed one by one in nasty farm accidents.

    I am nearly 37 and still get freaked out at the though of the child drowning in a slurry pit.

    Have just followed the link to ‘Building Sites Bite’ (referenced at the bottom of the wikipedia article). Thank god I never saw that one – as a child I though building sites were one big adventure playground!

    Don’t Look Now. Still unsettles me to watch it as an adult.

    If anyone knows this film, have they noticed the homage paid to it in the final scenes of Casino Royale ?

    Them public service adverts where the kid and his cat used to tell you about Fire etc. Freeked me out.

    Oh and the lad climbing the pylon after his frisbee. I wouldnt go within a mile of a power station after that one

    Premier Icon Stoner

    samuri – nope it was definately of the same generation as the Twilight Zone. Not DD.

    I recall a kid playing in a room and this huge bunny (skinned? hairless?) being there.

    The Beard

    Superman 3 with that woman who gets sucked into the computer and turned into a weird robot thing. Scared me so bad I have never liked having wardrobes in my room since…

    Stephen King’s IT, the clown one, I saw it when I was about 11.

    Always hated clowns since then


    Pah! Clowns! I remember winding up a friend’s son about a circus being in town when he was out getting logs for their fire one night. He had clown-phobia.

    Ok, I cried a bit when i first saw “The Fox and the Hound” and “Watership Down” was a little sad too, but I think the worst was ET. I mean, poor alien!

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Hahaha! Found it. It was a “rabbit trick”.

    Not for the faint-hearted.
    (and not in black and white. funny how the mind deceives eh?)

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