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  • Films that scared the **** out of you as an adult…
  • patriotpro

    weeksy – Member
    I’ve just bought Rec on the strength of this thread

    £3? Asda?

    And is the STW hype warranted?


    +1 Wrong Turn. Akin to ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ imo 👿

    Another brilliant film (if not quite horror but very disturbing) is ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’…

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Wolf Creek was that the one with the backpackers in Oz?

    Another vote for Event Horizon but haven’t seen a number of the others.

    I couldnt watch the whole of the road. Just not something I wanted to watch. A bit too close to my worst fears for humanity.

    I have found better supernatural horror in books though. The first time I read Desparation by Stephen King or The Dark by James Herbert filled me with more fear than any movie.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Well’Rec’ was pretty damn good 🙂 Bought it on the strength of this thread and only had a chance tonight to watch as the wife is away at the in-laws. 🙂

    I was suprised it was in Spanish LOL. didn’t detract from the movie, in some ways it helps as you have to concentrate more.

    It was fun watching at home in the dark with Fireworks exploding around the house randomly.

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    +1 Pan’s Labyrinth – same reason.
    also The Ring (the well scene)


    I’ve not been brave enough to watch rec as yet – just its reputation has scared me.

    The Vanishing (original version) gets my vote for scary, plausible and very uncomfortable – I really don’t want to see it again and every once in a while when I think about it it leaves me cold.

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    i watched ‘The Decent’ today after recording on Sky last night. 6 hot girls go caving…. as you’d expect it all goes VERY wrong…

    I thought it was great 🙂


    doeas anyone remember the 80’s movie about a leprechaun type creature living in an apartment basement that would prick you with a ring and turn you into a giant marrow. or summink.

    never trusted the Irish since.

Viewing 8 posts - 121 through 128 (of 128 total)

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