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    Top Gun is terrible and I really can’t see why people continue with it.. even though it’s supposed to be naff it’s just unwatchable guff. Reason it was so popular in the first place was because it was one of the first films to use surround sound, the planes moving back to front etc

    Peter Jackson’s films are indulgent to the extreme, the idea that he’s got 3 films out of the hobbit….

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    2001 A Space Odyssey. How can you make a film that takes so long to get to the point?

    Books were great though.


    Ohhh another one..
    Anything in the same vein as Twilight (teenage Vamp crap)

    Premier Icon surroundedbyhills

    Napoleon dynamite
    +1 for Withnail and i


    Another for The Hurt Locker here. God it was shit, how she was allowed anywhere near another film baffles me and the less said about the Oscars the better.


    Blade Runner, like others i’ve watched it a few times and i still think it’s crap !
    James Bond films, utter balls !!
    Anything with Ray Winston, Vinnie Jones or Sean Bean.
    Paranornal Activity films.


    Titanic & Avatar. Both utter arse, from start to finish. Cameron did make Aliens, but that doesn’t excuse him.

    “New” Star Wars, all of them. Absolute guffzilla.

    Inglurious Basterds. Actually, anything by Tarantino after Pulp Fiction, they’re all over self-indulgant tosh.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Ok film but that ending makes me hate it …I wanted to vomit
    Too american to sickly sweet too preposterous

    Ruined an otherwise Ok film.

    This. Same goes for:
    Heat – ruined by crap ending
    Silence of the Lambs – ruined by crap ending

    Also James Bond films – too stupid to even watch with brain in reality suspension mode.

    Anything with Tom Hanks. just can’t stand his face or voice. His acting is just the same character with a different accent.

    I could go on!

    Premier Icon richmtb

    I was thoroughly underwhelmed by Hurt Locker

    Lost in Translation: I just couldn’t see what the fuss was about either.

    I lot of the other films mentioned are among my favourites though


    Solaris was such a bunch of navel gazing tosh. I even watched it again to make sure that I was right the first time.

    Premier Icon NJA

    Les Mis – Stage show much better
    Mama Mia – Film and Stageshow utter tosh
    and Titanic.


    Only wanted to see 3 films last year Hobbit, Batman and Skyfall. Ended up only seeing Skyfall, very poor, no plot, stunts were average, just tosh!


    I saw Alien at the weekend after somehow not seeing it for the past thirty years.

    In short; meh.


    After seeing umpteen rave recommendatons for ‘The Descent’, I watched it; Utter guff, probably the worst, cheesiest acting I have ever seen.

    Shockingly bad.

    Ramsey Neil

    Considering it always comes up as one of if not the best film ever Citizen Kane is complete crap and has no entertainment value whatsoever . Also considering how good Pulp fiction is I hated Reservoir Dogs , a thoroughly nasty film without any redeeming features or any humour to lift the mood .


    Another Wtf film was Rec 2. I actually liked the format but it didn’t work for me for some reason.

    Have you seen the first one? It’s so much better.


    Alien, zedfest. the sequels I like, the first is not great.

    prometheus – could have been great, what kept me going was the look of the film rather than the content.

    hurt locker – good, if it was on TV.

    twilight – I’m not a 12 year old girl.

    tried watching tinker tailor soldier buttmuch, three times I tried. I even tried watching it with my wife, but no, even that didn’t make it more interesting.

    any of the saw films after the first one, yes, we know you can make things look like they’re real and bloody…move along please…

    ummm. can’t remember any others…


    @ _Tom_ – no mate but I intend to as other folk have said the same as you.


    I’m struggling to understand some of the choices on this thread


    I’m amazed at some of the titles that people are pulling out for being shite! The Hurt Locker for one – it’s an amzing film! I’ve watched it over and over and it STILL has me on the edge of my seat.

    Bladerunner is one of the all-time cinematic greats – yes, it’s a sprawling mish-mash but it’s supposed to be! Again, I can watch it over and over and still find something new about it, it constantly has the power to surprise.

    For my part I can’t stand anything with Jonah Hill or Seth Rogan involved (except “Paul” – but that’s because Simon Pegg and Nick Frost thought of it); any of the American Pie or Hangover films; anything to do with Harry Pothead; and any of the “Brat Pack” films.

    That said, films are a very personal thing; I think a lot of people form an opinion about a film before the’ve seen it and consequently get very disappointed when it doesn’t turn out as they expected. Most creative media is like this, and surely that’s the point – there is no “right” and “wrong” (granted there’s a few absolute stinkers out there, there always will be) but ultimately it’s up to the viewer to decide what is valid.

    Premier Icon deadslow

    I half expect a flaming for this, but:
    Spinal Tap


    There’s Something About Mary

    The Apartment

    The Bicycle Thief


    All this thread proves is another mans meat is another mans poison. I’m staggered at some choices – “anything by Tarantino” – really?
    I’m not a big Nicholas Cage fan but Leaving Las Vegas is in my opinion a staggeringly brutal film and his acting is fantastic. But as stated, just MY opinion.
    For me and I know lots won’t understand but I don’t like the Godfather films, maybe I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind when watching them.


    I have sat through the first 2 godfather films and I do not get the fascination at all. A snorfest from start to finish. They made the first Lord (Bored) of the rings seem interesting. I mentioned this to a few friends recently and I honestly thought I was going to get lynched.

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