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  • clipper68

    Not an actor but I work for Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. Been my boss ever since I got back into sailing a few years ago. Got to meet Sir Ranulph Fiennes and John Simpson when they did the Three Dogs series.


    the kid who plays peter in the new narnia films is my brothers best friend, i used to beat them both up… sade the singer(off topic i know but she is a stunning woman in every way and worth a mention) lives round the corner and is a mate of my mums. i have one other serious A-lister friend whom i never talk about!

    Premier Icon grtdkad

    Tang, you just did. Who?
    Come on, spill the beans. No-one will ever know…


    Yeah, come on Tang

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I puked on Cliff Richard as a baby, does that count?


    I saw Katherine Hepburn in a wool shop in Corwen about 30 years ago. That’s a rubbish one too, but better than Will Self in an anorak.

    Premier Icon DavidB

    I was in a film with Rod Hull and Emu. He was a cock, but Emu was ok


    I played table top space invaders with Bobby Davro in Tenerife when I was about 8 LOL


    There’s a guy in the airforce based at Lossiemouth, near where I live, who looks the spit of Kevin McKidd who was Tommy in Trainspotting and has been in Grays Anatomy and some other stuff.

    When a bit tipsy I used to think it was amusing to go up to him in the local nightclub in Elgin and pretend to be a groupie “You’re that bloke out of Trainspotting, Giz yer autograph” etc. Hilarious eh? Anyway, this one time… he found it even less amusing than usual, probably because it was actually Kevin McKidd, whom I was not aware comes from Elgin originally. Doh!

    I also met Robin Williams when he was filming the Bill Forsyth film, ‘Being Human’ up Glen Nevis in the mid 90s. He was very gracious and signed my paper video cover insert for ‘The Dead Poets Society’ with “Carpe Diem, Robin Williams”


    An ex’s little brother got chased round a field by Oliver Reid.

    I’ve been given a dirty look by Ewan McGregor. And inadvertantly nicked concert tickets meant for Lloyd Cole’s brother. Plenty more but I’ll leave it at that.


    I’ve met Honor Blackman and Emma Thompson. I think they’re the only film stars I’ve met.

    Kirk from coronation street goes shopping in our local Coop though and I’ve bumped into him a few times.

    I think you know who the bigger star is there.

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