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  • Film Rental – Lovefilm, Blockbuster or something else?
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    I want to enjoy some 3D/surround sound films on my new home cinema set up. Until now I have watched DVDs that cost < £5 from the supermarket and dodgy downloads but this new purchase means I want blu ray and 3D where available.

    The discs are circa £20, a bit much to buy when most will only be watched once so I’m tempted by a lovefilm subscription that will give me discs through the post. Can anyone recommend (or otherwise) lovefilm or an alternative (I think Blockbuster have a similar service)

    Anyone got any experience?



    Lovefilm is a great service, I’ve saved so much money using it albeit I use it for Games rather than films, I just download films.


    on a similar vein – anyone used netflix ? thinking about this option over lovefilm due to standalone support on the apple TV PLUS the ability to get movies on my travels through ipad

    Just started using Netflix, found it perfect for me so ditched Lovefilm.


    I’ve been on love film for years and its great, never had a problem. Probably spent the same as the Blockbuster days but ive cut out all the journeys to the store and droping them off, much easier.

    Net flixs I believe is better but you need something internet ready and fast like a PS3 plugged in to your tv. If I had this I would switch.

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    Love Film is great! We’ve get more than our moneys worth out of it every month. I like the fact that you can pre-order new releases. And they now send your films out 2 at a time

    Get a Lovefilm subscription, then get the iphone app. Then when anyone mentions a good film, just add it to your list of films on your phone


    yeah id go for love film too if it was supported standalone by the apple tv – i want my girlfriend to be able to use it when im traveling – and i generally take the ipad with me and thus the ability to use lovefilm.

    but the consensus is netflix is alright ? itunes rentals seem comparitively expensive when ever ive done it over the ipad when abroad.

    can someone do me a favour and post up the package prices for netflix as im blocked from them here at work


    I heard that netflix was great if you like the sort of films that they sell in buckets at petrol stations


    Lovefilm is good for me.

    We get 2 discs from our list at a time… these will normally be bluray so we can watch things in uber quality (on HD projector).

    If we want to watch something different, we can stream something. The choice is not massive (thousands of films, but probably only a hundred ‘current’ or ‘decent’ at a time, the rest are all ancient or weird), but there is normally something worth watching. The ease at which it is integrated with our bluray player (sony one) is the best feature… means that it is like watching telly, rather than faffing with connecting up a computer or huddling round a laptop.

    Haven’t tried netflix, but I expect that if that was the service my device used, I’d sign up to that instead of lovefilm.



    i just did some digging as im bored of doing my expenses- it seems you are right according to the reviews …. thatll be why its cheap them !

    The fact that it currently operates across more platforms than Lovefilm, such as Android and Apple TV, also helps to give it the edge. However, for real movie buffs, the range of titles is simply too limited at present and Lovefilm offers a far better selection of classic movies (especially if you opt for a package that includes disc rental).”

    shame really – hopefully for my girlfriend love film comes to Apple tv.



    Lovefilm is great for BluRays – don’t cost any more than DVDs to borrow, great service

    I also use them to stream films via the PS3 – this has improved a lot since it first started (picture quality and choice of films) and is a good last resort option if you really want something to watch right now – hang back for the Blu Ray though if its something your looking forward to as the quality is much better

    I’ve been trying Netflix on the free trial – not bad for US comedy (TV shows and stand-up), movie selection is pretty dire to be honest. Not enough on there to justify 5.99 a month in my opinion (although the picture quality seems a bit better than lovefilm, and some stuff is HD/ 5.1)

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    Signed up for Netflix whilst I was away working, unsubscribed the same night – nothing I wanted to watch.

    Ho hum

    Lovefilm does have a big back catalogue of blu rays and I would recommend them based on my own personal experience.

    They are always doing pretty good introductory offers as well, so have a hunt around.


    Lovefilm seems to have a much better selection of films for streaming than Netflix. As someone mentioned above, the Netflix selection amounts a lot to straight to DVD films or low budget bargain bin jobs. There is some good stuff and they have lots of great TV shows – but the film side is a let down.

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    Tesco film rental is run by love film, it’s even the same website, just with a tesco logo, and £1/month cheeper.

    I’ve just signed up for another 3 months fro the price of 1 offer on love film as invariably the initial enthusiasm wanes and I watch less and less then cancel it so 3 months works out well for me at 3DVD’s at a time for 3 months for about £5/month!


    Is Tesco cheaper than LoveFilm? I have two disc unlimited and pay £9.99. Tesco is £11.97 and I’m not sure you get the streaming, unless I missed something?

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    Thanks all, one lovefilm trial coming up 🙂


    Lovefilm fell over at airplay streaming – simply doesnt do it

    Netflix was gash

    Iplayer , 4 od and itv player will have to so along with buying the odd film off itunes

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