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  • Fillings any dentist in the house?
  • Glad I’m not the only one . .

    Patch tests today, and yes I will happily have them removed if they are positive – I kind of dread them not being positive – as they seem to be running out of ideas to sort the mouth issue out

    Right I give up trying to paste links with my phone – why do they link back to here?!


    My dentist told me tonight that one of my fillings is reacting with the skin in my cheek, and forming a pre-cancerous growth. Changing the filling should sort it out.

    Should I a) get another opinion
    B) book emergency appointment, taking time from work and getting generally over excited
    C) not worry too much and get it sorted in due time
    D) add your own as necessary…



    AW, who doing patch test, doc or dentist? Going to call back tomo to see if I can get some more info as Google is not necessarily your friend at times 🙂 :-$

    Professor thornhill at charles Clifford dental hospital in sheffield, I get the results on thursday.

    So far ive had meds, biopsies, blood tests and a gastroscopy as my ferritin levels were really low and apparently that may be causing it too. First noticed changes in january and it seemed to rapidly get worse, seems to have slowed up a bit now – so I feel a bit calmer and in less of a rush to sort.

    All a bit rubbish really – hope you get it sorted soon.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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