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    Just finished this last night. Excuse the apartment shot, but it won’t be getting out and dirty until the weekend.

    I ordered the frame months ago. Because I spec’d it for electronic shifting, Moots built it for internal battery only (a good thing in the long term). No external battery mounts or wiring port at all. That meant a painful wait for the new internal Campagnolo EPS battery to finally make production. It arrived yesterday and I built it up last night.

    Combines so many of the forum hot topics! Shimano vs Campagnolo (Campagnolo of course!). Discs vs Rim brakes (discs of course!). Electronic vs Mechanical shifting (electronic, but only just). Titanium vs Carbon (no contest!). Press Fit vs Threaded BB (Press Fit, but only just).

    Full ride report to follow, but if it is anything less than mind blowing, I will be disappointed!

    Suprisingly not that light, but I guess the discs make up most of that because I can’t spot much excess weight anywhere in the spec.

    I have ordered some black ENVE decals to de-bling the wheels a bit. More like the road version hopefully. These are ENVE’s 29 XC rims, and I guess the decals look slightly less shouty with fatter tyres fitted.

    Alongside the road equivalent, I think that these are now all the bikes I could need. Just need to fit the internal battery to the road version, and these two are boringly similar in spec.

    Frame – Moots Psyclo X RSL
    Fork – ENVE Tapered CX
    Aheadset – Chris King Inset 7
    Chainset – Campagnolo Super Record Ti (46/36 Campagnolo CX Chainrings)
    Pedals – Shimano XTR
    Front Deraileur – Campagnolo Super Record EPS
    Rear Deraileur – Campagnolo Super Record EPS
    Shifters – Campagnolo Super Record EPS
    Brakes – Avid BB7 SL
    Chain – KMC X-11 SL
    Cassette – Campagnolo Super Record
    Wheels – Chris King R45 Disc, ENVE XC clincher, Sapim CX Ray
    Tyres – Various Vittoria (depending on conditions)
    Stem – Moots RSL
    Bars – Zipp Service Course Aluminium
    Seatpost – Moots Cinch
    Saddle – Fizik Arione
    Bottle Cages – King Titanium

    And her sister (before the internal battery ‘makeover’ this weekend).


    what do the frames weigh – probably those giant obtrusive moots graphics that are adding the weight.

    bar that and the campag a lovely pair.

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    Yes, those Moots decals are also a bit shouty. Fortunately I can replace the ENVE decals with something ‘quieter’, but there isn’t much choice with Moots, unless I remove them altogether. Fortunately they aren’t too heavy!

    Campagnolo was the obvious choice since I have used it for so long, and I have amassed a collection of spares and wheels but I must admit for the first time in many years, Shimano almost got a look-in with this build. I guess I wanted something a bit different, and there aren’t that many Campagnolo equiped disc and/or CX bikes about.

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    Oh I see the weathers improved since I flew home. That looks very interesting.
    Can’t wait to see how the electric shifting gets on long term.


    Why do you keep capitalising Enve 😕

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    Coz that’s how they spell it themselves (check out their website). Not sure if it stands for anything, or why they capitalise it themselves, but that’s the way they do it, so who am I to change it?

    Yep, weather’s good right now Mikey. 24 degrees today and sunny. Outlook is more of the same.

    I have been running electronic for well over a year on the road without a single hitch. Don’t see much reason why it won’t be OK for CX. I have used Campagnolo before off road and it works fine, and with the water sealing on EPS is really good, so fingers crossed.


    Lovely pair of bikes. Probably a stupid question but where does the battery go, in the seat tube?

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    Yep. It bolts behind the bottle cage bolts down the seat tube.


    Loving that solarider!! Amazing looking bike as always. Love the look of Campag on a cross bike.

    Still got and love the mudhoney I got off you, but if you ever want to sell this Psyclo frame one make sure you drop me a line :0)

    Great bike


    Got all excited when I initially read “Moots” then saw it was skinny tyres 🙁

    I like that.
    Good choice to use the kmc chain ver the campag, they don’t last long.



    I’m interested to hear how the campagnolo levers work with the disc brakes.

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    They work really well. BB7 SLs are adapted to work with road lever pull. The beauty of Campagnolo having the quick release on the lever is that you can expand the pads to insert and remove wheels.


    Very nice. Did you consider slimming further to the CX plus an extra set of very light wheels? What is the geometry difference between the two bikes?

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    I do have another set of wheels with road tyres for the CX (King R45 hubs, Mavic Open Pro CD rims, CX Ray spokes). It will act as a sh*tty weather road bike. The hubs are a bit flash for bad weather, but very well sealed, and more importantly, they just slot in without adjusting the pads. I see this as the biggest single barrier to discs in road races. Unless they can sort some sort of rapid adjustment, swapping wheels mid race with discs will be a killer. Doesn’t prevent their application when not racing though.

    Geometry wise, the CX bike is more relaxed, has a higher bb and a slightly shorter top tube. The main difference is the gearing though. I need a compact chain set on the road bike here in Hong Kong, but the gearing on the CX bike is even lower.


    Very nice, you have gone away from a compact frame on this build?

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    Less compact on the CX. It aids shouldering (not that the bottle cages help matters!)

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Is that Hull in the background…

    Nice. Those Moots decals would have to go, for something less garish.

    Premier Icon solarider

    Not much I can do about those decals. Wish they did something smaller.

    Not Hull, but you can virtually see it from our apartment. Hong Kong living and vertigo are not comfortable partners!

    First ride today. Very nice indeed. Smooth, absorbed the shocks, fantastic wheels. Electronic shifting definitely works a treat off road. Can’t be long until Shimano do e-XTR.

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    First ride photos. In summary, amazing! Smooth, fast, comfortable, and I am a disc braking convert. Those wheels spin sooooo easily. Well worth the outlay.

    EPS works without fault, and the new battery really looks neat.

    Close up of the brakes:

    The drive components. A 46 tooth outer, but strangely actually feels bigger. I never found myself spinning out:

    The chain stay detail as requested:

    Some of the detail around the EPS cabling. I used small rubber o-rings to trace the wire to the brake cable, and the Barfly Garmin mount incorporates a really neat mounting point for the control box:

    And some gratuitous shots of those Moots welds.


    Lovely as ever. Was about to post a picture of my latest shed built bargain basement training bike, but I’ll guess I’ll just slope off with my shoulders drooping.


    I never tire of seeing pics of your bikes solarider, every one bloody gorgeous. Looks like it might be time to change your name though!

    I don’t suppose you still have that Ambrosio Nemesis wheelset still for sale?………


    Was about to post a picture of my latest shed built bargain basement training bike, but I’ll guess I’ll just slope off with my shoulders drooping.

    Please do oldgit, I’ve been waiting for a shot of your Ridley Icarus. (not stalker content I am just thinking of buying one)

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    Updated this morning with less shouty wheel decals. These are as stealthy as Enve produce for the XC rims. Went on a treat (actually I would be so bold as to suggest that I took more care than Enve did at the factory).


    Beautiful, really beautiful.

    However I’m confused, please tell me you get that beauty dirty.. 😉


    beautiful bikes

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    It gets as dirty I can in Hong Kong where it is usually warm, and what rain falls is either in the form of a typhoon where you wouldn’t dare ride, or the type that dries up pretty quickly.

    Premier Icon Andy

    That is lovely! Whats does it weigh please?

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