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  • MrNutt

    avoid protein?


    Sore throats are normally southpaws aren’t they? Watch that jab. And use your feet!!

    Premier Icon righog

    salty potato crisps

    Premier Icon nuke


    …and no chocolate

    Premier Icon BlobOnAStick

    Don’t knock it til you try it. The main benefit is sticking your tongue out as far as possible and stretching your throat muscles. This stimulates blood flow to them and therefore encourages more white blood cells to visit the area. I repeat every half an hour or so whenever I get a sore throat.

    Then I have plenty of whiskey 😉

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Early night and stay off the ale. Could just be feeling run down and a good night’s sleep will see you right. If it’s the start of a cold then I guess you’re in for a few days of feeling bad regardless – getting the heid down still a good idea.


    Try gargling with soluble Aspirin.
    If the pain (no matter how mild) goes on too long (8+ weeks) get yourself to the doctor just to be on the safe side.
    A Tonsillectomy followed by 2 sessions of chemotherapy and 34 sessions of radiotherapy aren’t pleasant.


    When you get that slight niggle at the back of your throat that you know means a sore throat is coming, is there anything you can do to fight it off? Or do I face it and gracefully accept my fate?


    Had sore throat (swollen tonsills) for 3 weeks now……starts to worry 🙁


    right i am going to tell you the ultimate thing for a sore throat, it works soooooooooo well when you do it as you feel that tingle in your throat. Gargle with tea tree oil, a few drops in some water, its tastes pretty bad and for the love of god dont swallow it but your sore throat will disappear real quick


    Yes you can fight it. Gargle with Corsodyl, it’s an extremely effective medicated mouthwash. It might also help if you took a zinc tablet a day and used Vicks First Defence, which mimics the effect of snot and traps then carries away the virus in your nasal passages. I have had plenty of success with this. Don’t bother with Vitamin C though, that’s nonsense.

    Premier Icon FieldMarshall

    Don’t bother with Vitamin C though, that’s nonsense.

    Vit C always works for me, but i have to take a lot, ie up to the point where you feel the need to rush to the loo. 😳

    More importantly Vit C helps with the absorption of zinc and makes it more effective. Thus if you’re gonna take zinc you should take it with Vit C.

    I find gargling with propolis helps.


    Stand on your head, much more effective than any of this nonsense above.

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