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  • Fiat Punto price/advice ?
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    Nowadays I know and care a lot less about cars but my daughters, bless them still turn to me for advice on anything considered to be remotely “blokey” i.e. cars

    My youngest’s girls car was written off in a multi car shunt a few weeks ago (everyone ok) and she now needs to find a cheaper replacement. She is taken by Fiat Punto’s, if anyone on the forum can spare me/her a few mins to give me pointers on price and what to look for then I would be very grateful, thanks Paul B

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    They’re dreadful little cars and the dealer network is even worse!
    We spent more on fixing the missus’s Punto in 2 years than 5 Subarus in 20 years.
    The engine will be great but the rest of the car lets it down.
    We didn’t learn, and got a Panda to replace it. Spent nearly £400 last week and will be spending another £300 this week. Then selling the bastard!
    Anyone want a 2006 Panda 4×4 ?

    Check everything on the dashboard works properly. Check the rear lights for short circuits. Brake lights and indicators at the same time turn it into a disco as the connectors don’t insulate sufficiently.
    Rear shock, top bushes go quickly,
    Does the engine smoke? They are just asking to be ragged!
    Gearbox crunches, esp into reverse,
    just off the top of my head…

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    They’re dreadful little cars and the dealer network is even worse!

    Opposite view


    great little cars and the dealer network is fine

    Owned many over the years. Always reliable. Rear suspension bushes were the only notable issue. Anytime anything did go wrong it was easy and cheap to sort.

    Get proper info over here: http://www.fiatforum.com/

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    We had a mk 2, brilliant little car. Never failed an MOT in the 7 (IIRC) years we owned it. The 1.2 8v engine has a penchant for head gaskets at around 40k miles.

    The Grande Punto that replaced it was a diesel, and lots of short trips didn’t do the engine any favours but was a great car in general. Spring and a top bearing on one front strut was the only thing that needed.

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    I sense a Mrs Merton heated debate on the horizon 🙂 FWIW her mate has clocked up a trouble free 50k+ on a second hand one without any hassle hence her leaning towards getting one.

    I have joined the FIAT forum and will try to whizz through it but if anyone out in forum land has any ideas on pricing or has access to a modern equivalent to Glasses Guide then please let me know, many thanks Paul B

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