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  • I know its been asked before (sorry) what is good compact van that could fit 3 bikes without removing front wheel and has 3front seats.. I want it maximum length like a VW caddy ..actually want a caddy but just too expensive.. Must be cheap to run. Cheers.


    Transit connect


    Only the new Berlingos and doblo/combo with 3 front seat isn’t there? All the others are 2 seaters or trannie size, but I could be wrong.

    That said in a berlingo mpv you can take 2 of the back seats out and someone can get covered in grot with the bikes


    Only 2 seats in a connect. Smallest with 3 is Scudo/Dispatch/Expert and Hi-ace. The latter is expenxive but runs forever.
    why a small one anyway? I’ve got a Transit as my only vehicle. Loads around so cheap to buy, cheap parts, 40mpg, cheap insurance. Even parking is fine, SWB iss barely longer than a Mondeo. I promise that if you buy a small van you will soon want a large van. I could do with a LWB now…


    ^^ What andrewh said.

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    berlingos have 2.5 seats tbh, i’d not want to sit in the “middle” one for any distance

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    the berlingo has a 3 seat option, but keep in mind that where the third seat would be you get a cubbyhole about big enough for a loaf of bread. So in three seat form your two passengers would need to be really, really good friends. Even transits aren’t particularly nice for three.

    3 bikes without removing front wheel

    is this really a concern? I’ve got a sprinter and an astra van. The sprinter I can toss the bikes in whole, just lean them against the side of the van, i don’t tie or strap them and they stay put while I’m driving. The astra I need to take a wheel of each one and do a bit of manoeuvring, maybe stick a blanket between them. But seeing as that only takes a minute at each end of the trip I always take the astra.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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