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  • FGF 601: Fort Bill is Back Edition
  • Premier Icon Ben_Haworth
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    We’re all just clockwatching today – yes, even more than normal – because it’s Fort William Weekend once more!

    By ben_haworth

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    FGF 601: Fort Bill is Back Edition

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    Premier Icon cyclelife
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    I see the Cotics still bend/break just above the link attachment point on the seat stays! Saw two somewhere in South Yorkshire last week.

    Premier Icon neilupnorth
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    Out of how many………now that’s real love x

    Premier Icon danposs86
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    Correction, 3 years since the last World Cup at Fort William!

    Premier Icon gazzab1955
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    @Hannah explain to your daughter that, in the words of every sports pundit, “you can only play what’s in front of you!”
    I am playing in the final of our Squash Club’s veterans tournament tonight, it doesn’t matter that only 6 people entered, I will still be the club Vets champion if I win. 🙂

    Premier Icon kevgeorge
    Full Member

    Vangelis and a certain Demis Roussos!

    Premier Icon Sandwich
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    A podium place is still a podium place no matter the numbers entered. “Bloody kids!”

    Premier Icon rickon
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    £169 for DMR Vaults?! And just with a special colour?! Holy hell. They’re optimistic.

    Premier Icon arkike
    Full Member

    Congratulations @Hannah that’s awesome!
    Those tips from Elliott Heap helped?

    Premier Icon Northwind
    Full Member

    On hearing Hannah was third, her daughter’s immediate response was not ‘well done’ or even an emoji. It was: ‘out of how many?’

    Isn’t that the only acceptable response? I got my first ever podium in the last GT7 and literally everyone said “out of how many”

    Premier Icon ThePinkster
    Full Member

    Arguably they’ve been utterly usurped as a trail pedal by various other designs (see above) but there are still riders/disciplines out there who swear by the old skool shape

    Not just the old skool shape. I should think the old skool price makes a difference too.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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