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  • Premier Icon jimmy

    Couldn’t agree more with your title to the post.

    Leanne steers away from healthy foods in case it makes her tots anorexic. She said: “I don’t want them to think they have to watch what they eat. I’ll tell them big is beautiful.”

    Mum Jane said: “I buy salad, but nobody eats it. They’d rather have sugary foods.”

    etc etc

    Remember it is the Sun – large pinch of salt required

    Premier Icon Stoner

    That’s appalling dietry advice TJ.

    Salt intake should be cut.

    is it evolution or child abuse, i cant decide?

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    The real issue here is that somebody got that heffer pregnant in the first place. That is just sick.

    Shameful behaviour and unfortunately she will have extracted money from Closer magazine to run the story and will end up with money to further bulk up her children on junk food.

    What future for those poor mites ehh?

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    Loving the fact that the photo has got an ‘enlarge’ option. I really don’t think that is necessary

    what does she spend her day doing if she has no time to cook,

    theres only so much unprotected sex and takeaway shopping i can fit into a day!

    “My babies were six months old when they had their first McDonald’s. They like fish and chips too. I chew the food first so they can eat it because they haven’t got any teeth yet. I give them packets of Wotsits as a snack at 2pm.”

    No, no, no, no, no.

    So, so, so, so wrong


    I nearly puked seeing that first pic

    She should be slaughtered, no excuses for what she’s doing. No time to cook for her kids? Dressing them once a week? Take the kids away from her!


    it’s like allied carpets….
    “roll after roll after roll….” only fat, not carpets.

    and some say fat people are thick….

    I used to live in Feltham where such a picture isn’t unusual sadly. Fat arses with a bundle of kids stuffing themselves with MD or BK junk are a common sight there.

    Ah well – one of the casualties of capitalism. Junk food is cheap and tasty with no thought to the health detriment. thick folk get badly educated and thus end up with nowt in their lives and without the skills to survive, they are repeatedly told they are worthless – whats left for them but junk food, unprotected sex and drugs?

    I blame Thatcher!

    Premier Icon Stoner

    as a species we’ve done a pretty good job of out-witting mother nature and natural selection. Maybe we’ve found away to get back to sustainable populations?



    “Leanne, of Coventry, blames her obesity on thyroid trouble”

    Ha ha ha ha ha………….

    Couldn’t possibly be lack of exercise and incredibly poor diet could it?

    That woman is the walking (or sitting and eating) embodiment of everything that is wrong with todays society.

    I’m with Franksinatra above – how could you possibly get that pregnant? The thought fills me with horror.


    It is shocking but that article is the newspaper equivalent of a troll – it might as well just say ‘look at this fat scummy slag and her poor scummy children, aren’t they digusting’.

    This bit made me laugh though – ‘She added: “Anyway they don’t always have junk food — sometimes I cook a microwave meal.’

    Um, it’s an April fool, those children are not 8 months old.

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    It’s a perfect story.

    There’s a thick fat poor woman, doing something self-evidently disgusting, involving harming poor wee defenceless children, at huge cost to the tax-payer. If only she was a gypsy or an asylum-seeker, then the freak-show journa-gasm would be complete… 🙄

    EDIT: Grumm is right, trolling is exactly what it is.

    Stoner – unfortunately the lumpenproletariat are outbreeding the rest of us

    A couple of good SF stories about it
    Another one called IQ 59 or something – I cannae be botehred looking it up – same premise tho


    fair play to the guy that managed it though….

    must have taken lots of resolve and patience to try and find the right hole and not just a sweaty crevice.

    and then he had to get it up, which would require an imagination much more vivid than mine.

    that or he’s just really **** perverted.

    got an aunty, she’s a fair size. we call her husband ‘feeder’. not to his face mind.


    Boil her down along with all the other lardies, burn the fat and use it to run a power station. Unending fuel supply and I bet it would cut down on methane as well.


    simonfbarnes – Member
    Um, it’s an April fool, those children are not 8 months old.

    I would agree as they would have been born early being triplets and haveing had a duaghter who was prem they take a long time to catch up. In fact those kids look bigger than my 2 year old.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Stoner – unfortunately the lumpenproletariat are outbreeding the rest of us

    and in so doing, reducing the UK’s life expectancy, which ultimately will lead to a reduction in total population.

    Fortunately this system also has a topographical positive feedback loop. Since the Scots are more lumpen than the English, and the South east is tilting into the channel while the highlands are rising, hopefully the population imbalance will keep them Londoner’s heads above water for a bit longer 🙂

    also a team of 68 to deliver triplets ? They’re having a laugh and you lot fell for it :o)

    Premier Icon Pook

    In fact those kids look bigger than my 2 year old.

    perhaps there’s something in the diet then?


    Hairychested; stop reading the Sun.

    I must say, even my objectiveness and efforts to be non-judgmental are being strained, with this one. But this woman has a shit enough life to begin with, let’s face it, without being made the object of ridicule, by Britain’s Scummiest Newspaper, so that it’s moronic readers can point, laugh and make appalling comments.

    The problem here, is not so much to do with poverty, as with education and knowledge. I, and I dare say quite a few on here, grew up in less than economically ideal circumstances, but I still had decent food, as my mum had a good knowledge of nutrition. And surely, it’s education, or a lack of, in this case, that has contributed to this young woman not being aware of simple nutritional facts, or even if she is confronted with them, being able to understand the importance of a good diet and healthy lifestyle. I’d hazard a guess she is not the only obese member of her family. Growing up, I knew one or two fayt families; it seemed as though the parents wanted their kids to be fayt, so that they could be somehow closer as a family. All fatties together.

    As for having her kids taken away from her; I’d say this is the very last thing that should be done. What she needs, are people to advise her on diet, and to support her in her role as a mother. Does she have that, in any adequate level? Easy for us, to sit here and hurl insults and jerk our knees uncontrollably, but we none of us know the full story.

    The treatment she’s getting here is disgusting. Granted, there probbly are areas where she could make more effort, but she needs to feel motivated for herself, not bullied into things.

    It is a relatively extreme, and uncommon situation. One which we are seeing more of, sadly. And why is that?

    Who’s ultimately to blame? Is it her? Is it her parents? Is it the Government? Is it the food production companies? The Supermarkets with their ‘3-for-1’ special offers on stodgy, sugary shite? Thatcher (probbly is Thatcher; she’s to blame for most things, tbh)?

    And ask yourself this: What was your reaction, on seeing this story? Was it ‘oh, the stupid ugly fayt cow, she does not in any way deserve her kids, she’s everything that’s wrong with our society’, or more ‘why do live in a society where this sort of thing is happening with a frighteningly increasing regularity?’

    Do we shun those who fail to live up to expectations, ‘norms’, ideals? Do we ostracise the imperfect? Make pariahs of those that don’t measure up?

    Of course, we could turn around, and try to include those who have become alienated and rejected.

    But maybe, that woon’t sell as many newspapers…

    Bloody hell rudeboy. coherent analysis of the situation 😯


    Well said RB, i just hope that wasnt a copy&paste job!



    i thought for a moment someone had hacked rudeboys account, but then i realised that as everyone else was in agreement appart from his post it could only be him!


    I’m not entirely sure of the cause. I do know for sure that these days we have vastly more public knowledge of the importance of nutrition and exercise than ever before – its splattered all over the TV, billboards, the radio and on offer in leaflet form every single GPs surgery in the country. Its given during visits to the doc and before and after pregnancy. The normal amongst us would sit and think “if she knew what it was doing to her/her kids she wouldnt do it so she must be uneducated”, but I simply cant believe that this information doesnt reach anyone in this country other than those so poor they dont own TVs/radios or ever visit the GP. The very fact that this woman specifically states that microwave meals and mcDs “is healthy”, and that she has a thyroid problem rather than being lazy, suggests that she is aware of the importance of diet and exercise on health but is finding any excuse not to make an effort. If she knows its a thyroid problem she has to have had it diagnosed by her GP, who would have medicated her for it – hell its possible to live without a thyroid at all and not be obese, due to the drugs available.

    So in essence I think it’s her fault in this case, not society as a whole.

    Coffeking – read “the road to wigan pier” – it has a good section on this sort of thing. The analysis is as relevant now as it was then


    An extract
    “When you are unemployed, which is to say when you are underfed, harassed, bored, and miserable, you don’t want to eat dull wholesome food. You want something a little bit ‘tasty’. There is always some cheaply pleasant thing to tempt you. Let’s have three pennorth of chips! Run out and buy us a twopenny ice-cream! Put the kettle on and we’ll all have a nice cup of tea! That is how your mind works when you are at the P.A.C. level. White bread-and-marg and sugared tea don’t nourish you to any extent, but they are nicer (at least most people think so) than brown bread-and-dripping and cold water. Unemployment is an endless misery that has got to be constantly palliated, and especially with tea, the English-man’s opium. A cup of tea or even an aspirin is much better as a temporary stimulant than a crust of brown bread.”

    She will be bombarded with far more advertising for junk food than real food


    I hate to say it, but in my mind much of what we are now seeing is a product of the eighties “loads of money” culture, where having holidays/cars/larger house etc was far more important than how you brought your kids up. Todays pond lives are the children of Thatchers generation, and without being political about it we (this society) taught them to be selfish self centered and in search of instant gratification. Thats going to take a lot of unteaching frankly. I reckon we will need a Uk version of Barack Obama before we even start on it.


    Ah well – one of the casualties of capitalism

    haha, well said comrade TJ 😆

    But surely the blame lies in the welfare state wrapping her in cotton wool (or perhaps candy floss).

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Never mind all that – it’s in The Sun. I want to know what Anne-Marie, 19 from Watford, thinks of it all…..

    enfit – slight bit of hyperbole from me there but I firmly believe there is some truth in it. 🙂

    She is bombarded with advertising for poor quality food, local shops will specialise in rubbish, then there is the point made by G above, Orwells analysis of the sort of situation.

    It is a multi faceted issue but capitalism by its very nature will leave casualties behind such as her. Anyone who thinks living on benefits is mollycoddling should try it for a month or two.

    Society cannot be blamed for her behaviour. She is an adult and should be able to function as one.

    “Should” is the operative word there mastiles. I agree but why can’t she? On an individual basis there seems no answer but when we have an entire underclass functioning like this there must be something wrong in our society to create people like that

    “Should be able to function as an adult” gives no solutions – not that I did either – just some analysis of why it happens

    One person is feckless – an entire section of society makes me believe there is something wrong in that society

    Premier Icon Stoner

    one of my favourite bits of that book TJ.

    im not surprised you like the hand-wringingly middle class guilt of his style 🙂

    I’ve always wanted to forward my copy to Gus – but he’s a self proclaimed “non-reader”. 🙂

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