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  • Fenix 3 vs Apple Watch 5
  • Premier Icon iolo
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    Right, I’ve just got a tax refund and my Fenix 3 is looking tired but working perfectly.
    I do a lot of bike tours, I follow gpx trails, plan new routes etc.
    As I have an iphone I was thinking of upgrading to an Apple watch.
    Is it worth it or should I just stick with what I have until it dies?

    Premier Icon jam bo
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    Apple Watch is a smarter smart watch.

    Fenix series is a better sports watch with some smart bits.

    If you like the battery life of the Fenix you’ll hate the Apple Watch.

    Premier Icon Kato
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    I’ve had Fenix 3, Fenix 5 and 4 different versions Apple Watch. If you want a smart watch Apple wins, but it was rubbish for running and cycling I found.

    Google Apple Watch smoothing GPS tracks.

    I went back to the Fenix 5 and stuck with it. If you want a sports watch it’s a winner

    Premier Icon roverpig
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    Even though I have a Garmin on the bike I still tend to use my Apple Watch for recording rides. The strava app just makes it that bit simpler.

    Premier Icon oikeith
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    I agree with the other posters, my Apple watch was a good smart watch but not a good sports watch, I also cracked the Apple watch screen when laying to check the bottom of my car! My Garmin has survived many a crash with no issue.

    Premier Icon xraymtb
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    Stick with the Garmin for your use case (or upgrade to a newer Fenix).

    Apple Watch is a great smartwatch for day to day life but battery and lack of features (or using multiple apps) will quickly make bike touring/navigating etc. a real pain.

    Or…get the Apple Watch for a daily wear and keep the Fenix for longer rides.

    Premier Icon simon_g
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    Can’t beat a bar mounted GPS for following routes IMO, but even a low end one (like the £150 Edge 520) will do that fine now. Likewise a better bet if you’ll be out all day and want to record for many hours.

    Apple Watch is great as an everyday smartwatch and for logging runs, swims and the like. Even does well for taking the odd call or replying to a text without digging your phone out of your camelbak. Anything from Series 3 onwards is fast and capable enough, so I’d be inclined to get an older one plus a proper bike GPS for the money.

    Premier Icon kynasf
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    Fenix 3 has much better battery life and function for sport, but I use a Wahoo Bolt and Komoot for creating and following routes. Not sure either watch is good for this…

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