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  • Premier Icon nickc

    Chipps to the forum….

    Once upon a time there was only one model of Fender Stratocaster, it just came in different colours with a choice of fingerboard material. Now it’s all about marketing and fleecing the aging guitarists with disposable income.

    Premier Icon metalheart

    IMHO the relicing is to satisfy the ‘need’ for rich Knobbers to pretend that they’ve had that cool <insert fender of desire! say a 68 tele over painted sunburst> since like before they were born and played it soooo much look it’s all worn and stuff.

    Wear and tear is what you should add to a guitar, I don’t think you can truly fake it. Plus they charge you more just to **** it up some….

    Apparently if you add some wear of your own it reduces the resale value!

    If you are after a specific model in specific colour/hardwear then sure, why not. But not being able to play it first would be my worry, I mean, what if it didn’t, you speak to you….? Not quite the same but I ordered a vintage hotrod 52 tele on spec coz the reviews sounded perfect. I’ve never gotten on with it (unlike my bog standard HSS US strat which I chose by you know, playing….).

    In the world of bass guitars, if you want a really awesome Fender style bass, you don’t get a Fender. I’m not sure how much skinny string guitarists have caught onto the idea of going to a smaller luthier or manufacturer to get a better instrument for less cost. My custom bass cost way less than any custom shop Fender and sounds and plays incredible.


    are they that good? worth the extra? whats all this relic business about and journeyman/postmodern – so confusing

    Tom B

    As above, ‘relicing’ really is the saddest thing ever imo! It’s like getting a bucket of mud and painting it on your bike to make it look ridden! Although I guess that if you like the relic style look and only play in your bedroom then you’re never going to get natural wear!

    That said, I do have a second hand custom shop Fender! Mainly cos it was a good price and I’m very specific about wanting a maple neck and texas special pickup’s.

    Main guitar is still my 86 MIJ Tele though, just sounds sooooo good! Really need to get it setup and repaired actually, it takes a real battering.


    The best guiarist I know would go into a guitar shop and play every strat they had (us, Mexico, jap) and buy his favourite. This seems to me the coolest way to get a guitar.

    My brother has 10 or more US Fenders strats/teles/basses he gets them off ebay, they don’t lose value so he jysts plays them for a while some he keeps some he sells on

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Relicing is very, very, sad indeed.

    But if I wanted, say, a reverse Jag with a modern neck, Strat vintage neck and middle pickups, Tele rear pickup, modern bridge and switching, in Daphne Blue with a rosewood fingerboard then yes, why not?

    But I’d probably get an L&G custom instead.

    Or learn to play properly first.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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