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  • Female Singers
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    Banks is great. Not got loads of stuff out yet, but an album’s coming soon apparently. She’s also pretty good live. Check out her soundcloud for more:

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    i’d give Simone White a try if you want some sunday morning-esque type of tunes.

    or Susheela Ramen if you want some Asian female vocals with a slight western cross over

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    Last one from me

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    Blimey John, they’re going back a bit!!

    true, but I’m not the only one 😉 besides, The Eden House are “current”

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    The Tiny.


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    Wot, no Feist (especially ‘Let it Die)?

    Haim’s latest album is really great.
    Lorde is my new hero.
    The Distillers, featuring Brody Dalle, are/were ace.

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    Nadine Shah- Runaway


    50ft Wave- El dorado


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    Oh bugger. Broke my “don’t read Youtube comments” rule.. and saw this “I love her music, but i love her beauty much more”
    Jeez. Loser. (not saying which video is was under!)

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    Otep [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B56J4v8MWPw]null

    PJ harvey [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru2a4BlTrtw

    Arch Enemy [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4Dn02bR4pg

    Guano Apes [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETPo6hOo9E0[/video]
    Pretty reckless 😛 [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txBfhpm1jI0

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    I can’t post vids so names will have to do:

    Pauline Croze (French pop/folk)
    Ojos de Brujo (Brazillian/Portugese flamenco/folk)
    Nancy Ajram (Egyiptian Pop/World)
    Martha Tilston (North American folk)
    Kate Rusby (Englich folk)
    joni Mitchell (folk)
    Heather Nova (English Pop/folk)
    Chambao (Brazilian pop/folk)
    Carol King (doesn’t need introducing)
    Cara Dillon (English folk)
    Bella Perez (Spanish pop)
    Bebe (Spanish flamenco/pop)
    Beatriz Luengo (Spanish/Latin pop/folk/flamenco)
    Alison Moyet (no into needed)
    Tristan Pettyman (Jason Mraz(Mrs) stylee pop/folk)

    HTH 😆

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    How did I forget….

    Beth Gibbons (Portishead)
    Dot Allison
    Martina Topley-Bird
    Katie Stelmanis
    Alison Goldfrapp

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    London Grammar and Daughter, but I notice DezB has recommended those already.

    I also like Beth Orton, particularly Central Reservation.

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    I’m rather enjoying setting several of these youtube links going simultaneously, the first two on page 2 almost work together.

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    I love Emmy the Great… Nu-folky, quite a lightweight voice but she uses it so well, she could probably freeze your blood with it. First Love’s one of the few albums I really listen to front to back

    Regina Spektor is about 9/10ths awful and 1/10ths amazeballs. You can almost feel the switch in each release- “Right record company, I’ve now recorded the 3 listenable tracks for the album that I’m contractually obliged to. The next 7 tracks will be wailing, random barking noises, me doing my brass band impression, and an extended remix of Regina Shouts At The Bins” Worth the effort though IMO

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    Scandinavian pop? Robyn, Whale..

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    I can’t post vids

    Neither can ricardo666 😆

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    +1 for

    Cat Power
    PJ Harvey

    Would also add:

    Sandy Denny (Fairport)
    First Aid Kit (Swedish pop)
    Anne Briggs (old school folk)
    Shirley Collins (unvarnished folk)
    Ann Magnuson (Power of Pussy by Bongwater)
    Gillian Welch (country/Bluegrass/Folk)
    Meg Baird/Espers (Folk/Psych Folk)
    Patti Smith
    Stina Nordenstam (scandanavian)
    Francioz Breut (french)

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    +2 London Grammar

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    Blimey, how could I forget the wonderful Alison Mosshart of The Kills

    (and the Dead Weather)

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    Natalie Merchant / 10,000 Maniacs

    Imogen Heap / Frou Frou
    (also look up her tracks with Urban Species – Blanket and Predictably Unpredictable

    Ane Brun
    (also look up her collaborations with Anna Ternheim)

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    Tinita Tikeram
    Nina Simone
    KD Lang
    Eva Cassidy

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    Hollie Cook. Cracking.


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    Wow no body mentioned the Bellrays or Howling Bells.

    Actually someone might of but can’t see the youtube links in work.

    Give Fire on the Moon by the Bellrays a go, awesome track.

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    No mention of Throwing Muses yet? Kristin Hersh AND Tanya Donelly, brilliant stuff if you’re after feeling and power…


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    Cat Power – The Greatest is an amazingly record.

    Cate Le Bon

    That foxy chick who sings in Culture Club

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    +1 for The Throwing Muses.
    Kate Bush….

    Santigold is awesome in my opinion.
    (btw ,it was Santogold for the first album)

    Bonnie Tyler 😉

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    Pigface mentioned Howling Bells, who, as it happens, have a new album soon, and their new single is today’s MPFree on Lauren Laverne’s show on 6Music.

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    Don’t know if Lamb have been mentioned as work blocks Youtube. Albums are a bit patchy but the tracks Gorecki and Gabriel are great so they’re forgiven 😀

    Some niche-tastic suggestions above by the way – I think ‘unvarnished folk’ is my fave…

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    Whoa there …. What about Joni Mitchell?!! Sandy Denny?

    and for the younger ones, Trembling Bells (Lavinia Blackwood)?

    Plus, as already listed, PJ Harvey, Thea Gilmore, Beth Orton.

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    Not sure if these have been mentioned yet, Tarja is by far the best of their three female vocalists

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    Valerie june – i Like this one – good pairing with john forte (fugees), but not sure about some of her own stuf – a bit too much like a blues dolly Parton at times, but this is great


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    Sky ferrier
    Chelsea wolfe

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    Sky ferrier
    Chelsea wolfe
    First Aid Kit

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    The Bellrays give this a go, it’s very good.

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