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  • Fellow Desk Jockeys – What office chair for less than £400?
  • jackthedog

    Any ideas?

    I spend all day on my backside working at a computer, so I want something good for my aching bones rather than something trendy and stylish. Not necessarily looking to spend all £400, that’s just what I can afford, so if Ikea or whoever do something decent, well made and more affordable then I’ll have something from them.

    I’d prefer new rather than second hand for two reasons: firstly it’s a business purchase so I want receipts and warranties, and secondly I don’t want the seat squab to be filled with a trillion fart particles of somebody I’ve never met.

    Any good retailer experiences? Any recommendations?

    Ta in advance.

    Where about in the country are you?



    Look for Herman Miller chairs……

    Worth the money. Very good ergonomics.

    I bought a second hand human scale office chair from an office supplies shop. There wasn’t a mark on it and it still had the original retail tags hanging from it, good as new. It’s very comfortable, it was closer to £200 than £300 and naturally I got a receipt and put it through the books.

    I’ve had a Herman Miller aeron chair and found the frame at the front of the seat to be quite uncomfortable whereas others in the same office have sworn by them. So there really is no substitute for sitting on a few chairs to try them out before buying.

    Herman Miller Aeron’s are rather good, we got some 2nd hand one’s for around £250 each from these folks who deliver country wide –


    The Aeron’s got no cusion to fill with fart either 😉

    Premier Icon brant

    One of these



    I must go get mine back from the office I don’t use any more.


    stools are really very nice and during my lower back and posture related issues that was what resolved my desk posture issues… I now have a koenig+neurath dunno which model it is but its lovely, much prefer mine with out the arm rests though as you can get into a proper position for typing etc…


    Alternatively get rid of the chair and go for a standing desk?


    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Jolsa – I’d love to, but I can’t stand for very long – I’m a desk jockey for a reason :o(

    New Herman Millers are way out of my price range unfortunately, or they would be the default choice as everyone seems to rave about them.

    Brant, I’ve considered stools like I’ve considered recumbents and homosexuality; I’m sure they’re great and I hear only good things from the converted, but I’m just not sure I’m quite there yet…

    Any more suggestions from the evening shift?

    I may be able to help…… Post up your email or see mine in profile(im unsure if you can see it)

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