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  • willard

    I am officially annoyed…

    I trapped a nerve just after christmas doing gardening and spent the next few days hobbling around like some wasted old man, unable to walk properly, go out running or cycle. Now, just as it seems to be getting better, it appears that the gods of health have handed me some sort of stomach bug.

    I feel sick and the sight/smell of food makes me gag. In addition to that, I have just finished my third visit to the chamber of silence this morning and now feel a bit dehydrated.

    Happy **** new year. **** germs.


    get some diarlyte into you, take 2 sachets to start with and then one every hour or so (or after each ‘loose’ visit to the loo…)

    I’ve just got over this one, naught much you can do except stay hydrated and replace the salts your body is losing 🙁 I was over it in around 3-4 days, just got my appetite back now in fact.

    take it easy, best wishes 🙂

    ah that be man flu!


    ’tis not the dre3ad man flu Spanky… I had that before I went to Canada in December. Really floored me too, despite having the flu jab just the day before.

    Suspicious? Yes.


    Well given that the flu jab is essentially a “safe” dose of the flu to build your immunity (at least I think so), it’s not a total surprise.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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