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    awful, but not something that will return? glad the nipper is ok

    Scary! big styleee

    Its one of those scary things kids do – you think they are about to die but an hour later they are fine. should be no lasting damage and no great chance of a repeat.


    Well, my 18month old boy decided to frighten the living wotsits out of us last night. I have never ever felt so helpless and scared in all my life, and if it wasn’t for the woman on the end of the 999 call keeping me in check I would have lost it big time.
    They’re not a nice thing to see, nearly 10 minutes of spasming and seeing just hte whites of his eyes was bad enough, but what freaked me out more was the sight of my little boy when he started to come round – all his face had slumped on one side and his eyes were locked unfocussing as far left as they could go. By this time, paramedics had done a fantastic job and bluelighted both him and my wife to Scarborough, a good 20 miles away.
    I can say, that’s the worst drive I’ve had in a car and at 2:30 in the morning, is something I don’t ever want to do again.
    I was over the moon though, when I arrived at hospital, I walked into the booth where they were treating him, and got the cheekiest smile off my boy. Bloody hell, it was good to see him returning to normal.
    Needless to say they kept him in overnight and all day today, and he’s now back at home full of beans and back to his normal self.

    You’re probably wondering why I’m posting this, maybe I just needed to relieve a bit of pressure and get it off my chest (34 hours of no sleep doesn’t help either). Also, a big shout out and THANKYOU to all emergency service personnel is in order. If it wasn’t for their proffessional help and time, I don’t know what would’ve happened.

    And relax…


    all is still ok i hope

    our oldest (9 today!) had one at about age 4 (slight temp prior) and we really thought she was dead – blue and not breathing – it is as frightening as it comes and we are very near an ambulance station and 10minutes at speed from a kids teaching hospital – and then all the hospital peeps tell you it is very commmon! kids do need to come with a manual!

    relax if you can and have a good weekend, ours never repeated am very pleased to say


    yeah, it happened after his temp soared to 39deg.
    Last night wasn’t much fun, both of us were constantly waking up and checking him, as he was still having a high temperature every so often.
    Yes, they are common, and fingers crossed we’ll not have another episode, but at least now we do have the manual!
    They’re common enough that the childrens ward have a little booklet with checklist and pointers to follow if there should be a repeat attack.


    That is fantastic news mate!! It’s a scary sight indeed esp if it happens to be your loved one.

    Would you do me a favour though….

    Write a letter of appreciation to the Para’s that attended – I am sure they would really welcome your positive feedback and it’s such a nice gesture.


    second brack. It’s always nice to hear back from patients or their family. It isn’t always possible to check back at A&E on the progress of someone you’ve treated and transported to hospital.
    MtbCol, glad the wee man is ok. Horrible when they are too young to explain what is wrong with them.


    that must have been unbelievably frightening. Hope he is ok now.


    Write a letter of appreciation to the Para’s that attended – I am sure they would really welcome your positive feedback and it’s such a nice gesture.

    It will be in the post on Monday morning! 😀

    Everything seems to be back to normal, I’ve just got in from work and he’s back to his normal self shouting at Mickey Mouse on the Kiddies channel 😆

    Wonder what the next frightening episode is going to be…. 😆

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    Good to see you didn’t try and keep up with the ambulance, it’s very disconcerting when you know someone is right on your tail, especially when their concentration (for obvious reasons) might not be 100%.

    Glad to hear the wee fella is back to normal 🙂

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    I understand totally how you must have felt, I was left ‘in charge’ when my wife went out for the first time following the birth of our last. He was about 6 months old at the time, and I found him having a fit after going to check on a very strange noise I heard coming from his room.

    Like you I thought the worst. But he’s now a strapping 15 year old , into every conceivable sport.


    Had one when i was a kid, watching Steptoe and Son,woke up in hospital and was there for about a week as i had some sort of complication,most people seem to think it did me no harm.


    I had one when I was a couple of years old (my parents tell me). My parents were a bit freaked out but I’ve never had anything like that since.

    I didn’t even get a ride in an ambulance!

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