Fear of holes is real

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  • Fear of holes is real
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    Back to holes…..

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    Another “thought I was alone” member for this particular affliction. Seeds inside of peppers – yuck!! Not too keen on looking too closely at strawberries either…

    What about strawberries?


    I didn’t get to bed until silly o’clock last night (this morning really) watching that german vet in the gambia squeezing mango flies out of (mainly) dogs.

    Did chuckle at the bit where the new assistant got one in the eye (and where he got one maggot to go “3 meters.”

    Interesting fact – the maggots excrete an anti-microbial goo/ooze so when the flies do pupate and leave the host the holes are generally not too infected (they also rarely badly scar – which is nice).

    I also love watching bot fly removal – although that’s not as fascinating, removing 1 or 2 many spiked clawed pupa vs squeezing 6 bazillon huge spots out as wriggly maggots.

    Guinea Worm removal is another impressive (but slow) one to watch too.



    Ha!Take that holophobics, plenty more where it came from…


    Bongo, still here?
    Sadly, yes

    why, oh why would anyone do that…

    and, that mango fly dog video is horrendous.


    Botfly monkey

    Crane fly giraffe


    I used to like Welshfarmer πŸ™
    That video makes my stomach feel icky.
    He is definitely off my ‘People to hug’ list

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    Just for you MrsFry. Showing my softer side (please don’t tell me you have a phobia of little lambs πŸ™‚ )

    Looks like 2017 edition of Hot Guys and Baby Animals has it’s cover model…. ^^^^


    I blooming well adore ‘Welshfarmer’ I’d go as far as saying he’s on my
    ‘People to drag into my panic room’ list πŸ™‚

    (He’s sooooo pretty, it hurts to look away)

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    Just came across this video on FB

    that is awesome
    but WTF has FBs encoding done to the video? SOounds like they were blaring the music out of a PA on the edge of the lake while the drone was flying around the it….and it ended up sounding like minecraft.

    Anyway, I like the waterfall in a lake thing, very cool.


    No particular fear of holes but the thought of doing something like this makes my skin crawl.


    I blooming well adore ‘ Welshfarmer

    It’s the Swandry isn’t it, has a similar effect on me πŸ˜†


    @Mr_C No! just NO!. You don’t know what type of monster is going to nom your legs off

    @Pigface Welshfarmer looks like he spends his nights jumping off water falls climbing mountains and dodging helicopters, just to deliver a box of Milk Tray to ladys in castles. Then gets home before his wife wakes up and puts on his rugged out door farmer gear (Oh be still my shaking knees)

    (I’m getting a dozen of those shirts…….from his washing line πŸ˜‰ )

Viewing 17 posts - 81 through 97 (of 97 total)

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