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  • Fazua reliability?
  • FOG
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    Despite my pain with Shimano EMTB motors(died of EO10), I am thinking of buying an e road bike with a Fazua motor. I haven’t read any particular complaints about reliability but I don’t know many roadies.
    Whats the feeling about Fazua motors?
    I certainly don’t want a rearhub motor like the Mahle which seem to be the main alternative

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    ive put 875 miles on my boardman adv 8.9e
    only problem i had so far was needing to re tighten the BB to frame bolts

    i follow the facebook group etc, of course all you get is people asking about problems, you dont get people posting about how relaible their kit is to balance the argument…

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    I sold my Fazua bike to my best mate. Wouldn’t have done that if I was worried about reliability!

    Yeah, as said the FB group has a few niggles, but I noticed there are also posts showing mega-rides done on the bikes.

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    Thanks for comments, I had seen the FB group and most of the moans were relatively trivial not like the terminal Shimano complaints. A mate has just bought one but it is far too new to throw up any problems so thought I’d check for problems down the line

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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