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  • Favourite thing about MTB`ing
  • Premier Icon Mooly
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    Simple question really. Do you have a favaourite thing about mountain biking?
    Mine would have to be the exeperince of being out in the fresh air and enjoying the scenary.
    Fire away.

    Premier Icon wwaswas
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    shiney things

    oh, and riding up hills.

    Premier Icon elzorillo
    Free Member

    Fast enough to get somewhere yet slow enough to take in what the journey has to offer.

    Premier Icon joao3v16
    Free Member

    Mainly, I like being outside.

    Premier Icon Stiggy
    Full Member

    Skinny downhill singletrack can make me laugh out loud even when I’m on my own 😛

    Premier Icon GW
    Free Member

    the beer afterwards

    Premier Icon _tom_
    Free Member

    Jumps, especially step downs.

    Premier Icon leftyboy
    Free Member

    Night rides with mates that end at a pub! That’s what’s on the menu tonight! 🙂

    Premier Icon Mounty_73
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    Fav things about mtb…….

    Being outdoors.
    Solitude (sometimes).

    Premier Icon atlaz
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    Fast enough to get somewhere yet slow enough to take in what the journey has to offer.

    This is what I love about road bikes. Best way to see your surroundings

    MTB is a bit different has some of that. Also love the feeling of hooning down some singletrack and carving through corners and berms and the feeling of achievement getting down some bit you didn’t before.

    Premier Icon philconsequence
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    feeling like a kid again, playing in the woods with friends. the sense of achievement sitting at the top of a hill knowing you rode there and you’re enjoying something that those stuck in front of their tv’s at home probably don’t know exists. rolling down things sticking your legs out to the side, riding no handed, its exercise but somehow enjoyable.

    no matter how crap i feel, i always feel better after a ride… even when i’ve damaged myself in the process 😀

    Premier Icon ThePilot
    Free Member

    Being outdoors.
    The endorphins and feeling of calm you get from riding.
    The solitude.
    And the sense of achievement. I woke up with my then gf a while ago and the first thing I said was: “I rode a section I never rode before yesterday.” I was so proud. 😉

    Premier Icon enfht
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    Personal freedom. That and the comfort feeling when you get home, scrub up and sit down to relax…

    Premier Icon boxfish
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    Fresh air.
    Quietening of the mind.
    Shiny things.

    Premier Icon honourablegeorge
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    When I’m on the bike, the only thing I think about is being on the bike – not falling off, not crashing and riding well takes all my concentration. Clears my head, makes me happy. It’s like meditation and fun all in one.

    Premier Icon ojom
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    It is the only time when my head empties of normal life stuff.

    Plus, it helps shake off the beer tummy and you get to act like a 12 yr old with your mates.

    Premier Icon noteeth
    Free Member

    Riding in the woods at the witching hour… and everything listed here:


    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Since nobody’s said it yet, “What, people on here ride bikes”? Ah, hilarious.

    I don’t know if I have a favourite really, too much good stuff. It’s probably the feeling of getting away with it- biting off more than I can chew and making it work anyway. That’s good on a few different levels.

    Premier Icon PJM1974
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    There’s a lot of reasons why I love mountain biking:

    Solitude – I can escape into my own thoughts without having to make excuses or explainations
    Technology – I think my bikes all look ace
    Fitness – I love the physical challenge of clearing just one more climb…
    The sense of fullfilment – The first time I got both wheels off the ground, my first wheelie and of course the time I felt like a riding God at a Welsh trail centre on my new bike. In reality I wasn’t one, but I exceeded my own expectations.

    Premier Icon rocketman
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    the forums are a good laugh

    Premier Icon muddyman
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    b**tards i realy wanna go ride now and cant !! 👿

    Premier Icon mintimperial
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    All of it! Yes, I even like grinding up a hill into a headwind in torrential rain, I’m weird like that. 🙂

    The only bits I don’t really like are the occasional bits on busy roads, and that’s only because of the odd idiot driver really.

    Premier Icon almightydutch
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    Long, twisting, jumpy descents!!!

    Premier Icon lostboysaint
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    Just about all of the above.

    Premier Icon whatnobeer
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    The sense of danger and peril from doing fast singletrack and jumps without a helmet 😀

    Premier Icon cakefacesmallblock
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    No one thing for me, but, keeping fit in the great outdoors. Playing on your bike with your mates in the woods (I’m the wrong side of 50 now. ). Escaping to the garage to fettle shiny stuff. Nights in the pub or round a barbeque on weekends away with the bikes and mates.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider
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    The moment…

    When a deer runs out on a misty dawn ride.
    When you catch a jump just right.
    The quiet of a hill top when the only thing you can hear is your breathing.
    The rush of a near miss.
    Pushing yourself as hard as you want.
    Lights in the woods when you are out with your mates.
    Catching a couple shagging down what they thought was a quiet country lane.
    The rip of your tires at full speed over loose ground.
    Bouncing your forks in a car park before a big ride.
    New kit arriving in the post at work.
    Falling off and getting away with it.
    10 seconds before the start of a race.
    The first post ride pint.
    Riding steps without looking like you are falling down them.

    and so on and so on…

    Premier Icon skirrto
    Free Member

    Clear head


    The company, sometimes

    The lack of company, sometimes

    CAKE and making room for it.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg
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    this (having a laugh with mates

    the 5 go down to the woods ride by rOcKeTdOgUk, on Flickr

    and rides when you get to see this sort of thing

    the cheeky Waseley ride by rOcKeTdOgUk, on Flickr

    Andy by rOcKeTdOgUk, on Flickr

    and today, the crackle of frosty mud under your tyres

    Premier Icon meddle
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    Premier Icon spacemonkey
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    Repeatedly saying stuff like “That was ^&*%ing wicked!”

    Premier Icon leec247
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    Any time spent on my bike, but the moment when u get everything just right (mainly downhill)

    Premier Icon Wozza
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    Racing your mates down singletrack then shouting (in your best Rob Warner voice) “he’s only gone and done him!” as you squeeze past braking waaaaay to late into a corner. Or that “you lucky bas**rd” as you land badly but successfully.

    Premier Icon chvck
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    Peace of mind. Can sit at home worrying about life, work, even falling off the bike and a break meaning maybe no income for a month or 2 and how bad that’d be. But out on the bike all that goes, hit a decent, challenging descent and nothing else matters and then after that I find my mind is completely clear!

    Oh, and the sense of achievement when you ride something out of your comfort zone or clear a climb or just ride x miles!

    Premier Icon yunki
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    and nadgery rocky technical descents.. and flowy singletrack.. and remote tors.. and sore legs.. and piss taking


    Premier Icon Bernaard
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    Being with mates

    The rush

    The pain


    The bullshit

    Premier Icon buzz-lightyear
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    Premier Icon Mugboo
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    Doggers 🙂

    Premier Icon andeh
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    The sound of giant tyres on roots

    Loam/hero dirt/brown pow 8)

    Healthy competition


    There’s too many things really, it’s just……perfect!

    Premier Icon jedi
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    it makes me feel the same way it did when i was a kid. love it

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