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  • creamegg

    The guy at 24/12 looked liked he was going through hell. Kept going though fair play

    Premier Icon jwr

    They are certainly slower to get up to speed and you do feel it on the climbs. However it’s not too onerous, just drop a gear and spin away and it’s fine. Whether this bothers you depends on your attitude to mountain biking. I don’t actually care how fast I’m going. I’m happy to pootle around, try to ride up something silly, try to ride down something tricky and generally have fun. Speed and efficiency don’t really come into the equation. Fun does – and in my opinion fat bikes are ace fun.


    All mountain bikes are ace fun.

    creamegg – Member

    All mountain bikes are ace fun.

    Nope, they most certainly are not ^^^

    Sort of answered my question already – guessing a fatbike would be fine for pootling on your own, or with others on similar bikes, but on a balls out group ride, a complete misery.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    I use mine on group rides and i’m normaly at the pointy end of the group.
    I also did the Dyfi Enduro on it and finished in the top 20%.
    Yes it’s a bit harder work on some stuff but much easier on other stuff.
    It is a hoot to ride though.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    I’ve been out with other, non-fat riders and I’ve yet to hear them complain of me holding them up. My experience at the likes of Glenttess is that I can be overtaking folk going up as well as down.


    Not noticed a massive change in speed on the trails I ride. I’ve actually stolen a few KOMs and a couple PBs.

    So, with most MTB’s with any form of pedalling in mind, it’s always been about getting a wheelset that’s strong enough, yet as light as possible to reduce rotating mass etc, etc.

    I’ve had 2.5 heavy tyres on bikes that have been a right PITA to drag around.

    So, how are these monstrous balloons uphill, through mud, riding next to people on ‘normal’ bikes etc?


    We were out on Thursdsay evening, a 29+, jump bike, 6″ full suss, 4″ full suss, a cross bike and a fatbike, fatbikes werent holding anyone up 🙂


    Winton Massiff Lap record for Butterdean Woods here on a 29+ KramPug 😉


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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