Fatality at Whinlatter today.

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  • Fatality at Whinlatter today.
  • I liked it and thought the title added to the humour.


    serious humour bypass situation here

    Suely there can only be a bypass if there is something humourous in the first place.

    I'm beginning to think that maybe the OP's humour is just a tiny bit too subtle for me.



    I LOL'ed 3 times reading it. Some people need to lighten up and take themselves a lot less seriously. I wonder if all if any of the moral high horse riders here have ever forwarded a Stephen Gately or Michael Jackson txt. I sniff double standards here.




    I skim-read the post looking for an accident. Not in the best taste. Sorry.

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    Avoided looking at this for a while. Assumed it was a toss title due to low number of comments. Post wasn't funny really, and using that as a title is a **** attention seeking thing to do.


    Am I the only one smirking at all the people stamping their feet in dissapointment that there wasn't a proper death?

    I've just re-read the original thread, and this thread now makes sense. I wonder how many others have done so?

    Presumably the complainers looked to see who had died, and are disappointed that their ghoulish desires have not been fulfilled.

    Humour by pass indeed.

    (Foxy chick must be a social worker!)


    Well, that's a least two of us 🙂

    Sticking to the original point of the thread, I have been asked a couple of times about tyre pressure. The last time it happened the nerd asking me was convinced that even 1psi would make all the differece on a decent.! What a c**t. On that logic to I have to compensate my pressures for what I have had for breky or how many number 2's I have had that morning.
    But you have to love these people.
    Thats what makes the sport interesting.

    ……….or not.


    Funny thread! Some people should deffo lighten up a bit though 😀


    Am I the only one smirking at all the people stamping their feet in disappointment that there wasn't a proper death?

    the self-righteous indignation just reeks off this thread……..


    Made me smile, and some of the responses even more so.


    Made me smile … and I'm an over-analyser (I know I am tho).


    The last time it happened the nerd asking me was convinced that even 1psi would make all the differece on a decent.!

    You should ask him if he realised that there would be at least a 1 psi pressure change on a decent downhill due to the atmospheric pressure change from the top to the bottom of the trail, and that he really needs to work out what pressure he wants at the most technical section, then get an altimeter, and work back from there using a standard atmosphere model. He'd also need to take into account any temperature of the air inside and outside the tyre.


    Lighten up people – very funny thread. OK, so the title was attention seeking but so what – it grabbed my attention and I was pleased to be able to laugh instead of what I expected to read.

    This is one of life's funny surprises, so lighten up and get with the programme!


    I don't think I was disappointed there wasn't a death.. Just genuinely concerned about the well being of another. FAIL title


    Not at all funny. I homed in on this thread attracted by a prurient desire to read about death* and was disappointed to find just some satirical waffle about tyres.

    You've let me down, you've let the school down, but worst of all, you've let yourself down.

    *Or in the words of Hora, arbiter of good taste

    I skim-read the post looking for an accident"

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    If talk of tyres and pressures for Whinlatter annoys you, don't read threads with 'tyre content' and 'Whinlatter' in the title.
    This thread title's just thoughtless – why not post the lame attempt at humour in the original thread?
    No ghoulish interest here – just the thought of a serious accident and the repurcussions for friends who work up there, not to mention anyone who did die.
    I guess some peoples empathy leaves less room for 'humour'.
    I'm too polite to post "tosser".


    Given the original thread had 'warning tyre content' in the title, what did you expect. 🙄


    prurient- having or encouraging an excessive interest in sexual matters ..?

    I dont think anyone has issues with someone taking the pee out of tyre obssesives. Carry on having a laugh at that.

    I however, ride whinlatter a lot and have fallen off a few times with no real issues. I would hate to think someone has fallen off and killed themselves. It gave me a bit of a jolt when i first read the title but then the rest was admittedly funny.


    I thought it was quite good and I like the OP observations, the title did its job of pulling in a crowd and it's always good to wind up a few forumites. I too wondered how many laughed at jackson, goody or gately yet have climed on their high horse for this thread and name calling, oh dear!


    The OP was funny but the over analysis of it by you lot is funnier!

    Should have definitely been sent into MBR.


    thought it was a good read in fact.

    And for those who object and feel absconded about the fatality part of the title, the title did not say ' human fatality', so where you perceived fatality as being a human kind (surely very single minded of you), the title after reading the post meant 'tyre choice fatality' to myself

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    And for those who object and feel absconded…….

    ? Que ?

    If you think tyres are ever alive, you've a looser grip on reality than the much derided 'what psi' brigade.


    Only just read – thought it was a "someone binned it and died" thread. Brilliant. 😀


    Funny, it made me smile, and laugh once quite quietly.

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    (because its what F_C said)


    Well I thought it was funny – poor choice of title though.

    Then again I only own one set of tyres…

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    I'm absolutely appalled having read all those words, and the title, that the OP never once considered the use of CX tyres on 29ers.

    A fatal flaw in his punning.

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    Funny indeed but looks like you upset the rubber neckers rather than irritated the rubber critics.


    We're all free riding GODS in our own minds, living life on the edge, so lets not make light of dying out on them trails, eh. Other than that, good effort…i'd give it 7/10.


    Wow, Singletrackworld summed up nicely in a single thread-

    1- something about tyres
    2- humour
    3- people getting offended at **** all
    4- a bit of an argument
    5- half the people go off to "lackofhumoursville"
    6- half the people get over it, have a laugh at how stupid it all is and carry on with life.

    This thread was funny, some of you need to calm down and enjoy yourselves.


    Hope you dont write manuals

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